The Slack Integration: Team Collaboration Meets Customer Support

Slack and Userlike can now be integrated, allowing your team to stay up to date with incoming customer interactions from Userlike. Slack is a browser-based chat app designed to increase team communication. This real-time chat allows for private messaging among team members, archiving, theme channel creation and assignment, file sharing and many other useful features.

However, Slack's real power derives from the fact that it can be easily linked to dozens of other apps, like Dropbox, Google Docs, GitHub, Asana and now also Userlike. This offers an effective way to keep real-time track of developments in different projects over multiple platforms. The best way to reduce your e-mail overload and increase your team productivity in a snap.

With Userlike integrated into your Slack messages centre you assure that every customer contact is forwarded to the appropriate channel for later review. When a customer starts a chat on your site or leaves an offline message, the link to the respective chat transcript or offline message is displayed in your designated Slack channel. All you need to do is type $slack in your conversation, or push the Slack button in your dashboard's chat transcript/offline messages overview.

Set up your Slack integration with Userlike and take the most from your team cooperation. To see more information about how this works just take a brief look at our tutorial .