The Salesforce Live Chat Integration: Send Chats and Messages to your CRM

We'd like to introduce to you the Userlike-Salesforce integration. Salesforce , the number one Sales CRM app in the world, can be connected with Userlike, allowing users from both platforms to improve their work efficiency and provide an improved real-time and follow-up service to their website visitors and customers.

Salesforce is a cloud CRM platform, with more than 3 million users, designed for both small companies and large enterprises. Salesforce supports sales representatives in their daily tasks, such as lead generation, follow ups, and closing deals. This CRM platform is fully integrated into all the other Salesforce products. A full-ecosystem of online apps to boost your sales, support and marketing activities. Also, work collaboration is made easy with Salesforce’s team features which allow you to share tasks, quotes, contacts, campaigns, dashboards and many others.

Integrating Salesforce with Userlike assures that your sales reps never lose sight of any customer interactions. With this integration, both Userlike chat transcripts and offline messages will be easily transferred into your Salesforce account. All it takes to send information over from one side to the other is a click.

After setting up this integration, if you want to send a current chat transcript and details over to Salesforce, all you need to do is click on “Addons”, from your chat panel view, and then “Salesforce”. Optionally, you can also simply type $salesforce - also if you are using an external IM client.

To send an offline message to Salesforce, simply go to your offline message overview and then on the right side you will find the option “Create Ticket”, click on it and select the option “Create Salesforce Ticket”. For additional information about setting up your Userlike integration with Salesforce we recommend you to take a look at our dedicated tutorial .

About Userlike

Userlike is live chat software for websites, allowing companies to chat with their (potential) customers directly over the website. Look here for more information.