The MailChimp Integration is here!

We are very happy to announce the integration between Userlike and MailChimp. With the integration we hope to help people grow their newsletter lists in a more natural, human way. With the MailChimp integration you can effortlessly add your chat visitors to your newsletter list.

MailChimp is an e-mail marketing service provider with more than 3.5 million users, which together send 4 billion e-mails per month with a paid or free version. Some of the reasons that made MailChimp such a popular service is the fact that it enables you to upload your contact lists, that it offers a direct link to your website for automated subscription to newsletters, and their unique A/B testing and segmentation features which have been delighting marketeers all over the world.

Today, we can take our MailChimp experience and contact listing even further. During or after any conversation with website visitors chat agents are able to easily add their chat partners to , assuring that no new customers are gone without being invited to receive regular promotional or informational listings.

There are two extremely easy ways to directly list your customer to e-mail marketing service provider - MailChimp - simply by clicking on the “Create MailChimp Subscriber” button on the left of your dashboard or simply by typing the macro $mailchimp in your chat. If you would like to know more information feel free to go through our tutorial .