The Highrise Integration: Send Live Chat Contacts to your CRM

We'd like to point your attention to the Highrise integration. Highrise is a web-based CRM solution for small and medium-sized businesses designed by Basecamp. With this software you can easily collect, store and manage all your customer contacts and interactions, making sure you always keep track of leads and deals. With Highrise you can access all your customer details, calendars and follow-ups from wherever you are, at anytime and from any device, making sure you're always prepared for your next pitch.

While chatting with your website visitors you can easily transfer all the contact details into Highrise. To do so, you only need to click on “Addons” and then “Highrise”. This either creates a new contact and ticket, or a new ticket is added to an existing contact. A confirmation message appears inside your chat panel with a URL linking to the Highrise contact. Similarly you can send customer contacts into Highrise directly from the offline messages or chat transcripts menu by clicking on the button “Create Ticket” and then selecting Highrise.

In the Highrise addon configuration you can opt to have detailed user info (e.g. OS, browser) added to the Highrise contact, or custom user info that you've made available through the chat using our Javascript API . You can also choose for automatic creation of contacts and tickets for transcripts and/or offline messages. This will ensure that your Highrise contacts are always up to date with their latest Userlike interactions.

For more information about the Highrise integration, take a look at our dedicated tutorial or simply start a chat.