The Comm100 Live Chat Alternative by Userlike

Userlike is the European alternative to Comm100 Live chat. Userlike is an easy-to-use solution especially designed for professional websites. With a design-driven orientation, Userlike presents itself as a leading option for companies looking to implement and set up a professional live chat support system in no time.

  • Intuitive Design - We aim to make Userlike easy and fun to use for both the operator and the web visitor
  • Privacy & Security - Hosted in Germany, we take pride in taking the upmost care in all matters related to the Security of our Software and the privacy of our customers' data
  • Business Software Integrations - Userlike has an array of standard integrations, with popular solutions such as Zendesk,, Pipedrive, and more
  • Scalability - Userlike is extremely flexible and can be easily extended to grow together with your business.

Read on to learn more about Userlike and why it is a great alternative to Comm100:

1. A single professional tool

Unlike Comm100, which offers a composite product with other services outside the scope of live chat, Userlike is specialised on live chat only. Instead we have made our software open to be integrated with other business software solutions, through standard integrations and an open API. Our Dashboard and Chat Panel are combine ease of use with powerful features.

2. Integratable with other tools

We understand that Userlike is an extra channel for your business to support or enhance your existing operations. As such it is crucial that it can be efficiently integrated with your existing setup of business solutions and processes. This is why we have an arsenal of standard integrations with leading CRM, helpdesk, and other business software solutions, such as Zendesk, Salesforce, and Highrise.

Whether it's your CRM system, your helpdesk portal, your sales platform or even your company messaging software, Userlike's integrations assure that all your chat interactions, user information and transcripts are adequately forwarded for appropriate follow-up or archive. Setting up these integrations is as easy as entering your product keys inside the Userlike dashboard and entering your integration preferences. When your solution is not among our standard integrations, you can always connect the systems using our Open API or Email Ticket sytem .

3. Extensive Customisation Opportunities

When it comes to web design, all elements on the page should fit together. This is why we've made Userlike 100% customisable, from the widget wording and layout to its behaviour. With this solution you can get hold of your live chat design and assure a perfect fit with your website.

To further customisation how the live chat is triggered or what information is collected from the user, you can make use of our open API: the open API , the Javascript API and the remote API all of them allowing you to set your software and data results according to your business goals.

4. Intelligent Routing Logic

Userlike live chat software has its own unique chat routing system to assure an efficient chat delegation process. The overall objective is to give companies and online businesses the possibility to provide excellent real-time customer support. The ground rules for this live chat routing system are the following:

  • After a new visitor clicks the live chat button, he will be immediately connected to an available operator, the one with fewer chats.

  • The past experience of the user is taken into account. In this case, if the operator which served him last time is available, the user will be linked to this same operator.

  • Our round robin system is developed to guarantee that incoming chats are evenly distributed among operators.

5. Complies with Strict European Data Privacy Policies

Userlike is a german based company and therefore takes into account the strict legislation and data privacy principles established within the European Union domain.

Even though our default settings predict the possibility for you to collect full information about your customers useful to provide a comprehensive customer service, all items such as geo-location ID, browser and operating system information, user fingerprint, among others, can easily be disabled.

Finally, to ensure the safety and protection of your own data, we offer a SSL protocol to all our paid and free products. Feel free to take a look at our privacy policies for eCommerce article

Why Userlike Live Chat for your business

We would like to invite you to try out Userlike live chat software in your website, for 14 days . During this period, make sure you keep a close look at your customers’ satisfaction, conversion rates or any other metrics relevant for your business.

There is a set of favourable benefits live chat can provide you with:

Userlike increases customer satisfaction: Making customers happy is more than simply giving them discounts or pamper with free gifts. Providing an effortless buying experience by offering your customers highly qualified customer support can also have meaningful impacts in your consumers’ satisfaction levels.

Userlike improves customer loyalty: Customer loyalty is measured in the likelihood of customers to buy from you again in future occasions. By providing close support, you are also developing a personal relationship with your customers and therefore nurturing your brand as top-of-mind.

Userlike raises sales and conversion rate: When chatting with your customers you have a unique opportunity to understand their interests, preferences and past behavior. By hitting a pain-point of eCommerce (the usual lack of personal contact between vendors and buyers), live chat offers you added value and potential improvement of your sales and conversion rate.