The Best Live Chat Alternative to Kayako

Are you looking for an alternative to Kayako? Meet Userlike, a European live chat solution based on the latest technologies in online messaging. Userlike distinguishes itself in the following ways:

  • Intuitive Design - We make live chat easy and fun to use for both the operator and the web visitor
  • Privacy and Security - Hosted in Germany, we are proud in taking the upmost care in all matters related to the Security of our Software and the privacy of our customers' data
  • Business Software Integrations - Userlike offers a wide variety of standard integrations, with popular solutions like Highrise, Help Scout, PipelineDeals, and more
  • Scalability - Userlike is extremely flexible and can be easily extended to grow together with your business.

Read on to learn more about why Userlike should be your preferred alternative to Kayako:

1. Design Oriented to Match your Website

Userlike live chat was developed to as a customer service tool to reach your online visitors directly, real-time and on-site. However, even though it’s important to make it stand out, clear and visible, this doesn’t mean that your live chat widget must overlook your own corporate design and style. When it comes to our dashboard, every single element of Userlike was carefully designed not only to look good but also to provide its users an intuitive effortless experience. The goal of all this is to give you the best conditions to provide excellent customer support and, in the end, help you to improve your business goals.

2. Affordable and Accessible

Userlike live chat is one of the most affordable and complete solutions in the market, with dedicated options for both small, medium sized or larger companies with different requirements. To try out Userlike live chat, no credit card or further commitments are required. All it takes is to register and you can use our team plan for 14 days. Userlike is Software as a Service and therefore no download, maintenance or updates are necessary from your side. We handle it all for you. Also, your data is stored in our secured servers in Germany.

3. Unique Features to Boost your Business:

3.1 Customisation Possibilities - Straight from the Userlike widget editor it is possible to customise all the looks and behaviour of your live chat widget. Also, there is the possibility for you to enable proactive chats, inviting your web visitors to start a chat, assuring the availability of service in your website’s pain points (for example, pages with lower conversion or higher bounce rate).

If you wish to go further with the widget behavior customisation it’s possible to use our Remote API to set advanced rules for chat trigger. Moreover, with our Javascript API you can set the data imported from your user, to guarantee you have all it takes to support your customers in the best way possible.

3.2. Integration with all your favourite software - Userlike is integrated with most popular business software, from CRM software to Sales Driven platforms or other support systems. Our integrations assure that all the chat transcripts together with customer information and other data is communicated to other software, which can help you monitor your support or sales interactions as well as smoothen the follow-up process. If you would like to develop further integration between Userlike live chat and your own software or system you can do so using our API.

3.3. User Friendly Software - As mentioned before, Userlike is very easy to use. Not only because we have designed it together with leading usability experts but also because we are focused on making it as lean as possible, taking all distractions away, so you can focus on what really matters - your customer.

From the Chat Panel, the place where you will be able to chat with your website visitors, a set of menus allow you to undertake different actions, from requesting screenshots, to forwarding current chats to other online operators and even send current chats to your ticketing system.

3.4. Multi-Language Widgets - Userlike live chat allows you to provide multi-language support right from your website. By adding specific language widgets and allocating dedicated operators per language you are now able to respond to any customer enquiry, no matter the language he approaches you on. The same logic can be applied to department widgets, separating your incoming chats to your IT, Sales, Support, or any other group you can imagine.

3.5. Insightful Statistics - To give you all the necessary tools to monitor and improve your customer service, we have developed a whole bunch of statistical reports, updated in real-time. With our statistics you can check your operators’ performance, each widget engagement, amount and timing of chats and messages, among many others. These views are only available for owners and administrators, staff and agents are not able to visualise such data ensuring privacy for supervisors decisions.

Why Userlike Live Chat for your business

We welcome you to try out Userlike live chat today and discover for yourself why is it considered such a great alternative to Kayako. If you are still thinking about whether or not implement live chat for your business take a look at some of the major immediate benefits it brings you.

Userlike increases customer satisfaction: Being available to respond quickly and efficiently to customers is seen as a major asset to improve the way customers or occasional visitors perceive your company and business.

Userlike improves customer loyalty: Customers appreciate being remembered, being valued and certainly enjoy the fact of being supported every time they need. Live chat has a direct impact on inspiring your clients to return, more often and buying even more than the last time.

Userlike raises sales and conversion rate: Selling more is not just a matter of lowering prices to beat competitors. A high-quality customer support can give you an edge on competition, makes you trustworthy in the eyes of the consumer and is a has a reflection on your monthly income.