The Best Alternative to LiveChatInc

Userlike is professional live chat software for companies looking for an alternative to LiveChatInc. Designed for professional companies of every size, from startups to large enterprises, Userlike combines affordability with a set of powerful features to provide top-quality customer service fom your website.

  • Intuitive Design - We aim to make Userlike easy and fun to use for both the operator and the web visitor
  • Privacy & Security - Hosted in Germany, we take pride in taking the upmost care in all matters related to the Security of our Software and the privacy of our customers' data
  • Business Software Integrations - Userlike has an array of standard integrations, with popular solutions such as Zendesk,, Pipedrive, and more
  • Scalability - Userlike is extremely flexible and can be easily extended to grow together with your business.

Read the following to understand more about Userlike and why it is a great alternative to LiveChat

1.A Powerful Tool

Userlike has a more affordable price per operator than LiveChatInc. During the development of Userlike we took into account the needs of small and medium sized business as well as the demanding requirements of corporations. Then, we combined a set of features to support any kind of need and adapted into different plans, allowing you to start from the basics and grow your business with us.

Even though Userlike includes some complex elements to fulfil your highest expectations, the use is straightforward. Anyone, no matter their technologic savviness, can use Userlike to support their customers. Our minimalism in design and navigation also means that busy operators will lose no time looking for something and are able to instantly send to customers everything they need, in a matter of seconds.

2. Integrates with your other Business Software

We know how important it is for your different business solutions to be able to communicate with one another, taking information wherever it is needed. Userlike can be integrated with dozens of different CRM, helpdesk and other business solutions that you use everyday to provide support, make sales or develop. You can send chat documentation to Salesforce or Zendesk, for example, or create a dedicated channel in Slack for your chat interactions.

With our integrations you are able to send chat transcripts, user information and other data from the chat panel or message overview into your software, automatically or by clicking in one single button. This action will send the information and store it accordingly in your end software for further follow-up.

Also, you are more than welcome to use our API to configure and personalise custom-made integrations to other software or services you use. Take a look at our dedicated tutorial for more information about it.

3. The Professional Looks

Userlike has been widely recommended and positively reviewed by customers regarding its lean design. We have designed our widgets, the combination of live chat button and live chat window, to be as minimalistic yet as professional as possible. This combination ensures that the live chat widget becomes a part of your website and service, and not a disruptive and distracting element.

From our widget editor you can personalise how you want your live chat widget to look like. From its colours, to the layout, position of the chat button, the wording of headlines, custom messages, to social media buttons.

Furthermore, you can also customise the way the chat is triggered and how it behaves during visitor interactions, all this form the widget editor and without having to know anything about coding. Chats can be triggered normally after clicking, but also proactively inviting guests to a chat with different benefits for your business.

4. The Intelligent Chat Delegation System

When a customer approaches you via live chat, it's very important that you respond to him in a timely, professional manner and with a meaningful answer. Those are the requirements you need to establish to your support team.

From our side, we took the elements that make a service efficient and drove it into our own chat routing logic, to guarantee that from the available operators the chat will always be handled by the one with better conditions to provide good service. Chat delegations are based on the following ruling system:

  • After a new visitor clicks the live chat button, he will be immediately connected to an available operator, the one with the fewest chats at that moment.
  • Our round robin system is developed to guarantee that incoming chats are evenly distributed among operators over time.
  • The past experience of the user is taken into account. In this case, if the operator which served him last time is available, the user will be linked to this same operator.

5. Data Privacy and Safety Standards

Userlike is based in Germany, Europe, where data privacy restrictions are tighter. In order to comply with all-around-the-world requirements we have enabled the possibility to avoid the collection of personal data from your users, as well as geolocation and other personal preferences and information. This (useful) information can still be collected from authorised countries outside EU, according to your own policies.

As for safety and protection of your data, Userlike offer SSL protocols in all our paid and free plans. You can check more information about this in our dedicated article .

Why Live Chat is important for your business?

  • Userlike improves business results: Whether you are looking to increase your sales, profits, conversion rate or decrease abandoned carts, Userlike live chat can be an useful tool to attain these goals. There are different recommended setups for each business goal, which can also be monitored through our statistics viewboard.
  • Userlike makes your customers happier: Having instantaneous, real-time support is a great way to start a relationship with your incoming visitors. Everyone appreciates being listened to and seeing their problems or questions answered instantly only shows that you care about them. An edge competitive advantage which can make the difference between customers choosing you or one of your competitors.
  • Userlike nurtures loyalty: Live chat is known to improve relationships and bonds between web visitors and brands. By giving a face to your website you are also increasing the chances that your brand becomes top-of-mind for further sales.

There are numerous things that we could jump in describing. However, there is nothing better than seeing results speak for themselves, especially if they come from your own website. To allow you the opportunity to learn in which ways can you benefit from live chat we offer you 14 days of free trial of our live chat software.