The Asana Integration: Organize Your Live Chat Messages

Userlike has finished its integration with Asana. We are excited about this, not in the least because we are enthusiastic Asana users ourselves and will make plenty of use of this integration. Since our founding in 2011 we have used Asana to build our software and manage a team that is partly remote and partly in-office. You are now able to connect your Userlike live chats or offline messages with Asana’s task manager to guarantee you never miss another lead or customer enquiry.

Asana is a popular web-based task listing system with a great interactive flow that allows your team to share, list and “mark-as-complete” tasks or ongoing projects. Like we said, we use Asana ourselves and we would recommend it to all businesses to ease collaboration. We use a helpdesk system (Zendesk) and CRM tool (Highrise) to manage incoming enquiries as well, but found that for small ‘in-between’ follow ups on chats it is often more convenient to simply create an Asana task.

With the Userlike - Asana integration, creating such tasks out of your chats has become easier than ever. When using both of these systems you will realize how easy the conversion process really is. On the Userlike integration page you only have to enter your Workplace, the Project the task should be created in, and your Asana Token. To create a task from a current chat you use the $asana command in the chat panel, or you use the button “Create Asana Task” to send your offline messages or chat transcripts from your dshboard messages section.

For more information you can read up in the tutorial .