Team Players and Plugins

Like we promised, our last two posts are in quite a rapid order. This has to do with the fact that we are accelerating and a lot of features and improvements are added every day. We would like to discuss two of these developments in this post: Our new and awesome operator control dashboard feature, and our easy-to-use Wordpress Plugin.

Choose your team

Where until recently it was only possible for Beta testers to have one operator connected to their website chats, now you can add up to 5! In the Operators section in your dashboard you can add, delete and edit operators at the Overview, and see which operators are online and how many free slots each has at the Status subsections. When you are online with multiple operators, incoming chats will smartly be divided based on how many chats each operator is having at that moment. It is possible for the operators to forward chats to one another with the /f(orward) button. At Userlike we like to use this feature to refer visitors to certain operators that they talked to before, that have specific knowledge, or that speak the same language as the visitor.


Our Wordpress plugin isn’t a feature, but it’s an easy way to register for and integrate Userlike into websites that are built with Wordpress. You can find the description of the plugin and how to install it via this link .

We’ll be developing more plugins for other platforms and will keep you posted when they are available!

Yours Truly,

The Userlike Team