Take Control of your Sales Funnel with the PipelineDeals Integration

PipelineDeals and Userlike have created an integration that allows you to easily follow up on any lead generated with live chat over your website.

PipelineDeals is CRM software in the cloud that empowers your sales process through a simple framework with high quality data from your current deals. This sales-focused system is renowned for its user-friendly activity tracking and management features, allowing you to always control and assess all running deals.

With this integration you can convert any chat, offline message or chat transcript into PipelineDeals activities and contacts. Designed for ease of use, your operators will be able to use the integration by using the $pipelinedeals command in the chat panel, or by clicking the button “Create PipelineDeals Person” in your dashboard message section. When executed, the chat will be added as an activity to the person if he is already in your CRM account. If it concerns a new contact, a new contact person will be created in your PipelineDeals account as well.

Our tutorial will give you all the information on how to set up the integration, which will only take you a couple of minutes!