So much Excitement

Yesterday a very exciting day, with an intensive crowdfunding run and a fruitful attendance at the Exceed event in Berlin. The crowdfunding has proceeded prosperously, with many investors moving in fast.


We would like to start by giving thanks to these investors that have put their trust in us and we would like to welcome them as new partners in our project. There still is room for more investment, but things are moving fast; so if you are interested, or you know someone who might be, be sure to move quickly!

The presentation at the Exceed event was also successful. Timoor gave a strong pitch about our live-chat for the E-commerce and M-commerce markets, and many valuable contacts were made.

Today Timoor and Pascal will be walking around at the Exceed event again, but you can also talk to David or Peter of the chat!

Please keep spreading the word about the crowdfunding round, we truly appreciate it! More updates are following soon!

Yours truly,

The Userlike Team