Simplify Your Live Chat Setup With Google Tag Manager

We’d like to point your attention to a tool that allows you to easily set up varying chat behaviour across your web pages without the help of your IT department: Google Tag Manager .

Google Tag Manager is a service that allows for easy management of the tags, or Javascript snippets, on your website. That includes for example the tag for Google Analytics, but it's also very useful for setting up and managing your live chat widgets across your domains and pages! Once you register, the Google Tag is the only one you need to insert into your website. From then on you can insert and manage all your other tags inside the Google Tag Manager.

Imagine you want to have a normal chat button on your product page, but a proactive chat on your checkout page that opens when a visitor spends an unusual amount of time there. Without Google Tag Manager the marketing department would have to ask IT to implement the separate Javascript code of the proactive widget on the checkout page. With Google Tag Manager however, non-techies can simply insert the tag of the proactive widget inside the tool and specify on what URLs it should be deployed.

Similarly the tag manager could be used for a multilingual setup. If you have a multilingual website you could set up multiple widgets with the corresponding languages based on the domain or URL.

With the tag manager you can easily enable or disable widgets with varying setups across your pages. This frees up time for IT to focus on other important matters and empowers your Marketeers to flexibly drive and manage campaigns and experiment with the optimal live chat setup. Check out our tutorial on setting up Google Tag Manager with Userlike.