SEOshop, Away Status and New Chat Buttons

With reinforcements to our development team we have added many new features and integrations over the last 4 weeks. We like to highlight 3 new features that deserve some recognition or explanation.


SEOshop is a comprehensive cloud-based eCommerce platform and one of the fastest growing CMS systems in Europe. SEOshop offers high usability and simplicity for standard use, as well as extended adjustment options for experienced programmers. You can install the Userlike App from the SEOshop App Store and the Userlike chat will automatically be installed into your shop.

Away Status

We added another state to the operator. In addition to online and offline, an operator can now also be Away. This status is similar to being offline, with the main advantage that it can be used from the Chat Panel. For example you might have a running chat session and plan to go for lunch break. When you put yourself in away state you won’t receive any new chat session. This state can be set by the operator from the Chat Panel, or by the admin from the Operator Overview. We also offer this as API, allowing you to hook external apps, such as your telephone routing appliance, to block operators for higher priority tasks.

New Chat Buttons

We added another set of chat buttons. It’s a simple flat button that works well in the right bottom position. One big advantage is that you can create your text labels for it and you are not limited to the text selection we offer for our other chat buttons.

Minor changes

  • Fix date display width in message overviews
  • Add progress spinner to pre/next/fresh buttons in message overviews
  • Support universal google analytics in the chat client
  • Use textarea for macro edit
  • Add screenshots to email tickets
  • Add widget config clone feature
  • Add widget config import/export feature
  • Keyboard shortcuts on textarea to make macros work in the Chat Panel with textarea focused