11 Leading Sales Software Solutions in 2023

When you’re fishing, you don’t technically need a fishing pole, bait or a net. Just wade out into a lake and spend a few hours catching fish with your bare hands.

Possible? Yes.

Ineffective (and miserable)? Also yes.

Opt for the right tools, and fishing is a whole different ball game. Not only will you catch more fish, but you’ll also have a place to store and handle them for that delicious fish sandwich later.

It's the same with sales software. You can't simply stand in the water all day and wait for the right lead to swim your way - you need to attract them. And then once they're interested, tools like a CRM and live chat will help you maintain a connection.

Simply put, the right sales software not only allows your company to perform at a high level, but can also be the “make or break” factor for your overall success.

What is the point of sales software?

Sales software streamlines the process of sales. This makes all the actions you take to get a sale (everything from generating leads to closing the deal) both faster and more effective.

Here are a few more specific benefits the right sales software can have:

  • Keeps your sales team informed about customers. Everyone can see the customer's profile in a CRM. This also keeps customers organized so no one falls through the cracks and feels neglected.
  • Saves your team time and effort. Sales software typically results in fewer calls and better time management, which makes everybody much more efficient.
  • Generates reports and data. Learn more about your customer's needs and habits through the data different software generates.

Of course, knowing which sales software to use isn’t so easy. Continue on for our top 11 recommendations based on reviews and our own personal experience.

One important caveat before diving into our list: you know your business better than anybody. To be sure these solutions are a good fit for your company, it’s important to not only do your own research, but to try things out before fully committing. Most of the recommendations in this list offer free demos, which we encourage you to take advantage of.

With that in mind, here is a handy list of our favorite sales software.

11 best sales software tools for 2023

  1. Userlike
  2. Pipedrive
  3. Lusha
  4. ClickFunnels
  5. Lime
  6. Make
  7. Calendly
  8. Sumo
  9. PhoneBurner
  10. Loom
  11. Zoho Meeting
Conversation in Userlike message center

Good for:

  • Lead generation
  • Asynchronous customer support
  • Automation, such as self-learning AI
  • Customer management

Sales starts with understanding your audience, what their problems are and how you can help them. In other words, success stems directly from building deep relationships with people interested in buying from you. With our combination of live chat, automation and built-in CRM features, that’s exactly what we specialize in at Userlike.

Our customer messaging solution also easily integrates with just about any other sales software you might be using. You can reach your customers on their favorite channels, like WhatsApp and Messenger, and instantly generate customer profiles once you have their email address. Plus, live chat gives you instant transcripts so you and your customers can always get a refresher on your last contact.

Think of it not as a tool that interrupts your current workflow, but a welcome addition that accelerates your sales results exponentially. This makes Userlike a great starting point in software for small, midsize and large businesses alike.

Good for:

  • Planning sales activities and monitoring deals
  • Quick and organized follow-up with clients
  • Detailed data on sales activities

Pipedrive’s main selling point is that it’s “the first CRM designed by salespeople, for salespeople.” Not just a catchy slogan, either - this sales software delivers. From more effective lead generation to centralized documentation, Pipedrive makes sure your various sales activities work together and are kept organized by your team.

In addition, Pipedrive even has a “campaigns” feature. This makes it the perfect fit for teams implementing email marketing to promote important sales events, like webinars. In fact, that’s exactly what we use it for at Userlike, and it’s been fundamental to our growth.

Good for:

  • B2B companies that want to send highly targeted ads
  • Avoiding wasting money on outbound ads that don’t convert
  • Establishing initial contact that can lead to deeper relationships down the road

Need to find the right decision makers, and need to do it quickly? Lusha is your answer. This sales software makes precise advertising to specific people a breeze. This saves you time and money. After all - no point in making calls to employees that have no influence in the buying cycle.

The big advantage of Lusha is that it draws this data from multiple sources. This includes social media networks, your chosen CRM or even through your own product. It’s also quite user-friendly, which is always a bonus!

Like a Chrome add-on, you open the Lusha tab on the side of your browser to see contact information of the LinkedIn profile you’re currently viewing.

Product promotion shown at checkout with clickfunnels
Create funnels all over your website — including during checkout.

Good for:

  • Creating different paths through a variety of landing pages
  • Companies selling information products
  • Lead generation

Funnels are essential to online sales, and ClickFunnels is one of the best tools out there to build them. No matter how many pages your funnels will contain, and no matter how complex a system of order bumps and upsells you want to create, ClickFunnels has you covered. This makes ClickFunnels an effective solution for increasing average customer value.

Still, ClickFunnels isn’t just about making quick sales - it’s also great for lead generation. Have great lead magnets and awesome email flows that are selling in the background but need a little push? ClickFunnels is the software you need to share valuable content at all the right funnel stages and get the party started.

Dashboard overview of Lime CRM software

Good for:

  • Companies looking for an “all-in-one” solution for most of their marketing activities
  • Multiple teams working together across departments
  • Long-term relationship building with your customers

With over 70,000 happy customers around the world, Lime simplifies the workday for your sales team. Want to follow up on and negotiate old contracts? Need a software that will keep massive amounts of customer data both organized and actionable? Lime CRM is your answer.

The company also takes pains to ensure its software is user-friendly. This includes an intuitive dashboard and clear navigation options. Get the power of a world class CRM - without the overwhelm.

Good for:

  • Companies who want to streamline their marketing activities with automation
  • Maximizing customer touch points / relationship-building
  • GDPR compliance

A sales team that doesn’t use automation will underperform. Automatic email follow ups, contact tagging and meeting scheduling all result in quicker, frequent sales…but it’s a headache to do all this manually.

Thankfully, automation software Make (formerly Integromat) does all that and more. Plus, one big benefit of Make over similar names like Zapier? It’s GDPR-compliant - a huge win for companies dedicated to data privacy.

Good for:

  • Scheduling virtual meetings
  • Teams that spend a lot of time in client meetings
  • Saving time and effort

Your sales team is busy; your clients are too. Not only is it difficult to find a meeting time that fits everybody - it’s also a major time suck with the dreaded “back and forth” of planning one.

No longer with Calendly. With this user-friendly software, simply set up your available meeting times. People that need a meeting with you can then schedule one at their convenience. This puts the power into the hands of your customer, building trust with them in the process.

Clever marketing on Sumo's homepage

Good for:

  • Companies with a lot of content
  • Building an email audience
  • Lead generation

Landing pages and popups are one of the main ways modern sales are conducted. With Sumo, it’s quick and intuitive to set them up. The software also makes it easy to match lead magnets to relevant landing pages. Used properly, this can skyrocket your conversion rate.

Sumo also offers a wide array of templates wide array of templates you can use in your account. This is great news if you want to build eye-catching capture forms, but don’t necessarily have the design skills to do it. We’ve been using Sumo at Userlike ourselves and have had great results from it so far. The callout below this paragraph was actually made with Sumo!

Userlike: Instant chats, long-term customer relationships

Over 10,000 companies like Toyota and Hermes trust Userlike to connect with their customers every day - via website chat, WhatsApp, chatbots and more.

Learn more
PhoneBurner's leadstream feature overview

Good for:

  • More sophisticated and scalable phone outreach
  • Companies looking to expand their outreach to other channels
  • Combining phone outreach with SMS and email outreach

This is an all-in-one solution for phone outreach. PhoneBurner not only makes your phone outreach cheaper, but (crucially) more effective. Features like automatic call registration and quick voicemails, ensure effective phone outreach.

This is an especially useful sales software if your team is trying to focus more on personal outbound sales. Phone calls are certainly quicker than organic methods, but much more personal than outbound ads. Give it a try!

Loom website with video call example

Good for:

  • Companies that need to effectively explain complicated topics
  • Speedy, personal communication
  • Client relationships

With Loom, recording your screen and sharing video is super easy. Instead of writing an email or message, you can explain otherwise complicated topics with video and screen sharing, an essential part of high quality client relationships.

Plus, Loom is great for sales reps to use when they’re having trouble setting up a call with a customer. If they’re having a specific issue with your software, you can show how to troubleshoot the issue for the customer to follow along with in their own account.

Even our own CEO loves the tool and encourages us to send more videos to each other. We often get quick monthly company updates as a Loom video in Slack, which is more personal than a written message.

Zoho Meeting's homepage overview

Good for:

  • Companies that want to plan and run high quality webinars
  • Hosting webinars on a budget
  • High intent lead generation

If you’re looking for a solid software for setting up webinars, Zoho Meeting is a great place to start. It has just about any feature big name competitors have…but is ideal for stricter budgets. For example, you can host one-hour webinars with a collaborative whiteboard and other engagement features on their free plan. This makes Zoho an especially useful sales software for small businesses looking for an affordable option.

More generally, you might consider investing in Zoho Meeting if you want to expand your lead generation. Do webinars take more upfront work to set up? Most certainly - but they are also more effective than most of the methods you are probably already trying. Why not test it out?

The best sales software

If you’re looking for a good jumping point into effective sales software for your business, try Userlike. It’s a truly all-in-one solution that combines customer messaging, a CRM and automation in one.

Userlike chat widget with WhatsApp icon on Toyota website
Userlike is already trusted by major companies, such as Toyota.

Is it time to take on the elements and catch some fish with your bare hands…or are you simply going to revolutionize your results with the right tools?

If you’re ready for the right sales software, you can’t go wrong with any of the tools on this list. And if you’re looking for quick conversations with people across just about all the most important channels, Userlike is a great place to start.

Get started with Userlike for absolutely free today.