Remembering Tessa

We lost our dear friend and colleague, Tessa. We are in mourning and remembering her for the great person she was.

Tessa worked in our sales team as a key account manager. She joined Userlike on October 1, 2018 as an intern in our sales department. Despite this being her first time working in sales, she quickly rose to the role of account manager after only half a year. She was always curious, always willing to learn new things.

The news of her death has had a deep impact on our team. Tessa was a big personality in our office. Those who met her, even if just briefly, remember her for her energy, kindness and endless positivity. She made a great impression everywhere she went, which is why she often represented Userlike at conventions and fairs.

picture of Tessa smiling in a convention hall

Tessa gave her all in sales. Sitting on the floor of our dim office basement, she would host webinars and make calls for the better half of mornings or afternoons. Her discipline, focus and energy won us many happy customers.

She would also find creative ways to show appreciation to our customers in the form of homemade gifts, like baking delicious, Userlike-themed cookies.

image of Tessa baking cookies with a colleague

Tessa also shared her baking skills with our team. She often brought vegan baked goods into the office, which were always super tasty.

She was the type of person everyone enjoyed to be around. Lunches, donut sessions, brainstorms or customer meetings – they were simply more fun if she was there. She was warm and direct, always asking about you, your family or any of your interests.

image of Tessa posing with bootcamp participants

During her time with us, she didn’t just become a driving force in the sales department – she turned herself into a pillar of our culture through her continuous focus on “team health.” As a certified fitness trainer, she organized regular bootcamps for the team. She put care into planning new, challenging workouts that anyone could join – no matter your skill or fitness level.

She also hosted an active lunch break every Monday to keep our team moving, even remotely. And before Covid, she gave a presentation about the importance of proper posture and movement during working days. Many of us still do the exercises that she taught us on a daily basis.

Tessa was photogenic, with her positive vibes clearly radiating through in pictures. That’s why you’ll find her in so many of our team pictures on our website, blog and social media.

When a photographer visited our office to take photos, the lens was on her. And she was happy to keep posing until he got the perfect shot. In one of my favorite pictures of her, Tessa is energetically striding through the office kitchen with that signature smile on her face. That’s how she was. That’s how we will remember her.

Tessa walking through the kitchen.

She was also a deeply caring person. One summer, Userlike organized a blood donation event on what turned out to be the hottest day of the year. She and the event organizer were the only ones who showed up to help out.

Timoor also told us another story of how Tessa found a sick pigeon in the street and took it home to care for it. She saved its life.

These are just a few examples of how Tessa brightened up our days and helped others. Her compassion, charity, humor and hard work made her a wonderful colleague and friend.

Tessa will always be a part of Userlike and we cherish all that we’ve learned from her. We will do our best to keep the fitness culture going in our team and remember to be positive, caring and thoughtful of one another just as she was to us.

I have learned so much from you and will try to live by it. We will make sure that your values will live on at Userlike. You will always keep your place at Userlike and in our hearts and you will remain forever in our memories.


Tessa, we miss you so much! It still feels so untrue. Missing your positive energy, enthusiasm and catching laughter! Chatting with you about the important and the not so important topics, sports or our dogs - I will miss all that so much. We will keep you in our hearts and thoughts forever.


Dear Tessa,

You were an absolute star at Userlike. In how you did your work, but also in the impact you've had on our company.

In many ways, you were a perfect fit. You had everything to succeed in your sales role: warmth, humor, energy, discipline and character. But you didn’t stop at your official role. You brought your entire personality with you and found a way to share your passion for sports and health with our team. Through your bootcamps, your active lunch breaks, your (slightly discomforting) presentation about body posture at work, and through your overall presence and energy, you made yourself into a pillar of our company.

I wish I would have spent more time with you. Whenever I would run into you in the office for a chat, it was always a joy. Thank you for your time with us. We won’t ever forget you.


Dear Tessa,

You were always on the move and the most energetic person I’ve ever met. You also spread your love for movement in our team, inspiring us to be more active. But most importantly, you moved our hearts. With your kindness, your positive attitude, your complete authenticity and sincere interest in other people.

There’s so much you taught us, Tessa, and we will keep a part of you with us forever. <3


We created an online condolences page so our team and anyone who had the privilege of knowing Tessa could share memories. We invite you to post any messages, photos or videos you have in remembrance.

Tessa's memorial board

We extend our deepest sympathies to Tessa’s family and her boyfriend, Lukas. Our hearts are with you.