Record Low Bounce Rates With Live Chat And Unbounce

Unbounce is a world-leading tool for landing page design and implementation. Using a drag & drop technology, Unbounce provides an opportunity for marketers to build their own high-converting pages, without having to call for IT support.

The main benefit of using Unbounce landing page tools is to improve your website’s conversion rate. This is where the goals of Userlike and Unbounce overlap. Integrating Userlike live chat into your Unbounce landing pages is as easy as it gets. At a distance of a click every marketer is now able to add their customised live chat widget to any landing page.

To set up Userlike live chat software in your Unbounce landing page, all you need to do is add a one-line html code to your page and it will be ready for publishing. After setting up, you will be able to use Userlike chat panel window to chat in real-time with your website visitors. Check out the 2 minute tutorial for a step-by-step integration guide.

In line with Unbounce’s standards for optimisation we recommend you to integrate and start testing the effect of Userlike today, to reduce your bounce rate but also to support you in achieving other goals - whether they are getting more signups, registrations or sealed deals!

About Userlike

Userlike is live chat software for websites, allowing companies to chat with their (potential) customers directly over the website. Look here for more information.