Official Partner Rakuten Deutschland

Userlike is now an official technical partner of Rakuten Deutschland , the German wing of the Japanese ecommerce site Rakuten Ichiba . By expanding rapidly overseas, Rakuten has established its name as a major ecommerce player around the globe. As part of this overseas expansion, the German online marketplace Tradoria was acquired and changed to what is now Rakuten Deutschland .

Rakuten employs a B2B2C business model , allowing traders to sell through their portal. The products of Rakuten’s clients are on display on the website, and each client can have their own page as an online shop as well. Userlike live chat can of course be integrated into any of these pages.

The model of Rakuten aims to empower merchants to deliver “Omotenashi” , a high service mindset deriving from Japan, which helps the traders to build up long lasting relationships with their customers.

Userlike and Rakuten are united in their aim for high service mindsets and long lasting customer relationships between their clients and their customers, as well as the aim of playing a major role in their respective areas of ecommerce.

Truly Yours,

The Userlike Team