Quick Guide to Service Software

Maintaining the overview of customers, suppliers and other business contacts is crucial for any company. Business is built on human relations, so correctly maintaining these is an important element of success. Sadly, many companies fail to make use of the great variety of service software that exist to make this job more easy, fun, and efficient. In this quick guide we give an overview of the 3 most important types of service software that are out there.

Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM)

A CRM tool is a software that manages your business interactions as well as all the data associated with them. In short, CRM software allows you to collect, store and manage contacts (from your current or potential customers), leads, sales opportunities, among others. Cloud based CRM tools have gained popularity over on-premises versions as they allow businesses to have real-time, quicker and broader access to the relationship management database, without any need for on-premise IT maintenance.

Nowadays implementing and using a CRM software is extremely important if you are looking to grow your business. Your business relations are not only based on transactions and thus is very important to keep track of all your connections and interactions between your team and the client.

Having updated information from the cloud accessible from any device presents itself as one of the biggest advantages of CRM software. With one of these, there’s no need to keep copy pasting your e-mails to endless spreadsheets manually. Also, unlike what may happen when you are continuously editing a spreadsheet, using a CRM tool gives you an safety advantage when it comes to not missing leads, deals or missing information something along the way.

Some well known examples of CRM tools:

Helpdesk Software

In a brick and mortar shop customers can go to the help desk where an employee provides information and support. This kind of desk is something everyone is expected to have and customers intuitively look for it.

In the digital world things work similarly. Instead of a support counter, people expect to find a way to contact you directly, whether by e-mail, phone, live chat or social media. A help desk software allows you to mainain the overview and respond to these multi-channel customer interactions.

The distinguishing feature of a Helpdesk is that it allows you to respond or follow up to the multichannel customer interactions from within the service tool. A Helpdesk helps your team work more efficiently. Usually help desk software is designed under a troubleshooting philosophy, filtering out and prioritising issues according to their subject. A help desk allows you to concentrate all your issues in one single place, increasing your productivity. On this platform you are able to see open tickets, pending issues and solved queries together with user information, at a blink of an eye. This reduces duplications and increases your support speed.

Examples of well known Helpdesk software:

Live Chat Software

Live chat software allows you to connect directly and instantaneously with your website visitors. While people are navigating through your website many questions might pop in their minds: from shipping procedures to checkout issues. In the modern era of fast-paced consumers, effortless buying experiences are an important barometer of online business quality and trustworthiness. It’s therefore highly important to be there at the moment your customers need you the most.

Live chat software is a tool to implement on your website through which everyone can get in touch with you, on-site and real-time. Having a live chat tool promotes a closer experience with your customers and lets you handle every tiny problem before they churn to other service provider.

By chatting to your online visitors, this service software offers you the unique opportunity to get to know them, understand your target better and eventually optimise your own product to better fit their needs. Chatting is an informal experience, which means that your visitors feel more comfortable to give you feedback about your service and potential issues that they would’ve not communicated elsewhere. Also, with all the user insights automatically collected by the software during a chat, this can be recognised as one of the best hands-on support channels.

However, live chat software can also be an essential sales channel through which you can recommend and upsell your products directly.

You can easily test whether live chat works for your business by registering for a 14 day trial . If you have any questions about service software or further suggestions feel free to comment on the section below!

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