Organize Your Live Chat With The Trello Integration

We are happy to let you know that Userlike can now be integrated with Trello, offering an easier way to keep track of our daily leads with an instant conversion from your chats to your favorite organizing tool.

Trello is a free and flexible tool that allows you to manage to-do’s, projects and individual tasks in an intuitively visual way. To be fair, it’s not even right to relate it to tasks and projects since Trello can be adapted to anything you want it to be - an inspirational board, a collaborative brainstorm, you name it.

You can now also use Trello to manage, organize or monitor your live chat interactions. You can send your chats to Trello with the $trello command in your chat panel, and the conversation will be recorded for later use. Similarly, if you want to send offline messages or chat transcripts, all you need to do is click on the button “Create Trello Card” on your dashboard. You can customize the way you want your conversion to happen by selecting the boards or lists where your chat documents will appear.

For more clarity on the way you can set up the Trello addon we recommend you to take a brief look at our explanatory tutorial . We are looking forward to your feedback!