How to Set Up Your Operator Profile in Live Chat

When you offer live chat support in a team, creating the right setup for each team member is vital for an efficient working style.

In this video, we show you how you can configure your Operator profile so it fits your organizational structure and your needs perfectly.

Video Transcription

Operator Overview

To get to the Operators overview, select Config in the Dashboard , then go to Operators .

You will now see a list of your existing Operators and all relevant details at one glance. For example, your Operators' roles, their Operator group, whether they’re currently online in the Chat Panel and their number of chat slots.

Filter by Operator group for a more targeted overview.

Creating a new Operator

To add a new Operator to your team, click on ‘ Add Operator ’.

Type in the Operator’s name and username. This is the name that will show up in your system.

It might happen that the username is already taken by another Userlike user. In that case, we recommend adding some numbers to the name you'd like to use, for example, "lisa1234".

The email address for the account also needs to be unique.

With the role setup, you can manage the permissions you want the Operator to have.

  • The Agent only has access to the Chat Panel, which makes it the role with least capabilities.
  • The roles Manager , Analyst , and Staff can also access the Dashboard and have certain rights to make changes there.
  • The first Operator you create will be the Owner . This is the most powerful role in your Userlike account. You can assign this role to only one user.

For a more detailed overview of the capabilities each role has, select Roles in the menu on the left.

You can choose from seven different languages (English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese) in the Operator profile. The language you select here is the language your Operator will access Userlike in. This is helpful when you have an international support team. For example, Lisa Abel is a German support rep, so we'd like for her to work with Userlike in her native language as well.

By assigning your Operators to different groups, you make sure your customers get to the right person for their request. For more information on smart chat routing, take a look at this post .

Advanced profile settings

We recommend using a real, friendly Operator picture. This is the picture that your customers will see when they're in the chat with you. You can also choose from a selection of stock photos. In chat support, however, many people are unsure if they're talking to a chatbot or a human support agent. By adding an authentic picture of your Operator, you build a more personal connection with the customer.

We also recommend using the Operator’s real name because it prevents you from running into contradictions when switching contact channels, like when the customer later calls you on the phone or asks for your email address. But if you prefer not to reveal this information, you can just use an alias.

You can manage for which chat events the Operator should receive notifications. In chat support, notifications are crucial so you don't miss any incoming chats or other chat events. Learn more about our notification options here .

Enable shortcuts to make your workflow more efficient and define the number of chat slots. These are the number of chats the Operator can handle at the same time. You can set up to 10 chat slots but we recommend 2 to get started.

Did one of your Operators forget their password? No problem, you can simply reset it here and they will receive a new password via email.

That’s it for a quick overview to the Operator settings. Thanks for watching and happy chatting! :)