Meet the New Userlike Widget – Redesigned, Reengineered, Remarkable.

We’ve launched an entirely new Chat Widget — one that is prettier, faster, smoother, and whose chat behavior feels much like the major messaging apps we're all familiar with.

Alongside a new chat button and new eye-catchers, you can pick from various themes — which should give you the right inspiration to further customize on coloring and font style to fit the style of your website. Because of these extended customization options, CSS editing is not supported anymore. What’s more, the new Chat Window supports URL previews and natural timestamps for individual messages.

All free users have been already switched to the new look. Paying customers can make the change inside the widget editors. In two months time, all remaining customers will be upgraded to the new widget.

Upgrade now to enjoy the new design and following benefits.

Mobile Optimization

Userlike used to work on mobile devices already, but not as good as we liked it to. With the redesign we’ve made the Chat Window fully responsive for mobile , so it adjusts automatically to the screensize of the user’s mobile device. The Chat Buttons have had a mobile makeover as well, with dedicated behavior that fits mobile devices.

Widget Editor Redesign

Because we’ve been adding many features to our system over time, we felt it was time for a Widget Editor clean-up. We’ve reduced its number of tabs and reordered them in a more logical order.

Another improvement is the preview function. Before, you'd have to go to the dedicated tab to see a preview of your widget. Now the Chat Widget inside the Editor shows you the changes as you make them, making things a lot easier.

WhatsApp Connect Improvements

We’ve made some brand-building improvements to WhatsApp Connect, which is currently still in Beta.

Firstly, the name you assign to your WhatsApp widget used to not always show up in all mobile notifications. We’ve fixed this now, so you can deliver a more consistent brand experience. Secondly, you can now add a WhatsApp status message to your account, adding again to the recognizability of your brand. You could for example use it for your company’s slogan. And thirdly, you can now also add a WhatsApp profile picture to the widget, making the service more personal and connected to your brand.

New Features Webinar — Look Who’s Chatting

The new widget design is a major step for Userlike. We’re eager to hear what you think of the changes and new options. To help you get the most out of the new setup, Jörn will host a New Features Webinar on Tuesday the 8th of March 3PM.