New Partner Blueknow

We'd like to present our new partnership with Blueknow , a complete online shopping experience personalisation tool. Blueknow's solution is suitable for web, email, mobile and tablet personalisation, allowing you to easily give a boost to your online sales. Blueknow and Userlike join forces to increase online sales and reduce shopping cart abandonment rates.

Meet Blueknow

Blueknow was founded in 2009 as a product designed to help online shops cross-sell, upsell and sell with higher personalisation than ever. Based on the shopping history of the visitors, or the items she has in her shopping basket, the plugin from Blueknow shows recommended items. Blueknow offers more than 20 different types of these personalised recommendations.

The importance of Personalised Selling

Through personalised recommendations businesses can directly address user interests, preferences and needs, offering targeted items at any point of the buying process. In general lines, personalised selling gives you a key advantage in increasing your sales, conversion rate and your average order value (AOV). This technology is known as BlueRec and is part of the multichannel recommendation tool you will be able to access with Blueknow software.

Another important dimension of personalised selling comes into your inbox every morning. As Blueknow points out, why would your users have to receive the same content from your email campaigns when their preferences and needs are totally different? With Bluemail, you can personalise and adapt email campaigns to match your subscribers’ preferences, improving your click-through rate and potentially your product or service sales. By using Blueknow software it's possible to double your email conversion rates and increase sales up to 30%.

BlueDeals is another solution offered by this company, allowing you to send personalised flash sales recommendation emails to your subscribers with dedicated information about your group sales. Finally, BlueCart tackles the issue of abandoned carts by sending personalised shopping cart abandonment emails to aim at recovering some of these buyers. Recommendations to users will be done taking into account their past behaviour on your website.

Other Blueknow products which that could be relevant to your online business are the BlueAff, a tool for intelligent affiliation, and BlueSearch, a powerful search engine that learns and improves the shown results according to users’ past experience.

“After trying several similar services on the market I selected Blueknow for its very simple implementation process and because of the results achieved during the trial” (Pablo Sánchez, CEO of ).

Blueknow’s software is super easy to install, is designed for everyone (no matter your IT fluency) and adaptable to any eCommerce platform, from standard solutions to custom-made web stores. Blueknow also offers a 30 day free trial, without any commitments.