New Dashboard

With reinforcements to our development team we have re-designed our Dashboard. We've added new features and a whole new layout with a modern look and feel.

New Dashboard Layout

We worked hard to replace our old Dashboard with a new version. We've made use of the latest technologies and layouts to create a smoother and cleaner experience. And the Dashboard has also become easier to work with. We've optimized the workflow, restructured the menus and tweaked the layout of all elements. We hope you like it, let us know what you think.

Future Plans for the Dashboard

The new layout was only the first step towards a better dashboard, we have a few more features planned. With the next iterations we'll bring a new set of settings for the Chat Panel to further increase usability:

  • See what the customer is typing in real time
  • Get more context about the user’s history during a chat
  • Gather more data from your users through configurable widget options
  • New statistic modules

Wildcard Cookies

We've added an option to the chat widget to enable wildcard cookies support, which means that you can decide how cookies are handled for your domain. This option should be enabled if you plan on using the chat widget on multiple subdomains of 1 website, for example and The opposite scenario is if you run the widget on a hosted platform where you are on a subdomain, such as or In this case you should not enable this option.

XMPP Password

Most customers prefer the Chat Panel to external messenger clients to chat with their website visitors. Because of this we will discontinue the support of the simple XMPP passwords for external messengers, which means that some users will have to change the settings of their external messengers to keep using them for Userlike. You can continue to do chat support with instant messengers (Pidgin, Messages, BeeJive etc.), just make sure to use your Userlike login password for that. If you make the switch, please make sure that your entire team follows in order to prevent any interruptions in your chat service. This message does not affect you if you're using our browser based Chat Panel.