May Update

Last weekend we implemented another update with some nice new developments. Apart from some dozen tweaks that increased the robustness and fastness of our system, we added the following features:


Upon request we added the possibility to export your chat transcripts and offline messages. In the overview of either of the two you can select the option ‘Download’. Then you can select the date range of the transcripts to be exported. You can export the transcripts as either an Excel or CSV file.

Pre-Chat Survey

How cool would it be if you could qualify your web visitor before the chat is started? To know for example whether he is chatting because he wants to buy something or because he has a complaint? We made it possible with the pre-chat survey.

This feature allows you to set up a multiple question survey in the widget editor. The visitor will have to answer this question before he starts a chat, and the answer will be available for the operator as user info.

Post-Chat Survey

This works the same as the pre-chat survey, with the only difference that the question is asked after the visitor closes the chat window. You can ask, for example, how helpful the chat was for your visitor.

This survey can also be configured in the widget editor. In the details of the chat transcripts you can see the answer of the visitor.

Chat Rating

Then finally we added the ‘Chat Rating’ feature. When you enable this function, your visitor will be asked to rate the support after the chat has ended. 1 star for a poor service delivery, 5 stars for excellence. You can see what chat rating was given to the chats in the chat transcript overview.

We hope you enjoy the new features!

Truly yours,

The Userlike Team