Two Powerful CRM Features

We’d like to discuss two hot features that should enable you to help your website visitors more quickly and effectively: the Chat Macro and the Screenshot feature. The Chat Macros of course already existed, with the !hi and !bye commands resulting in a warm welcome and a friendly goodbye message respectively, but what’s new is that you can now create your own quick messages! This way you can create messages that better connect to your own communication style. You can add and delete macros under the Messages section in the dashboard.

The screenshot feature already existed, but we realized that we never discussed it before. This feature is awesome and deserves better, so here is how it works: When a visitor comes to you with a question or problem that relates to a certain page of your website, you can take a screenshot and capture the website page that the customer is looking at at that moment. For an operator to be authorized to take a screenshot, he has to be logged into the Userlike dashboard. Just to be sure, the screenshot that you receive will only cover the page of your website that your visitor is on, it is not a screenshot of your visitor’s entire desktop screen. You thus don’t need to worry about breaking into your visitor’s privacy and discovering whatever other content he/she is looking at.

Yours truly,

The Userlike Team