Live Chat in Electronics Shops: Benefits and Common Questions

Online electronics shops are among the most heavy users of live chat software. Perhaps you’ve already been assisted through a live chat window while buying that new stereo system, Playstation, or new iPhone for your Christmas shoppings. In fact, over 45% of online electronics stores offer support over this channel.

Why is live chat such a popular channel for these stores? What are the type of questions you can expect over the chat?

1. Benefits of Live Chat for Online Electronics Shops

Complex Products ask for Direct Answers

As explained in Multichannelmerchant, the need for live chat depends for a large part on the complexity of products sold. In the case of electronics the products are highly complex, leading to a high number of questions that may arise while your visitor is hovering your website. Therefore the need for live chat is higher than for many of other eCommerce industries.

Furthermore, since the purchase of electronics is generally a considerable investment from the consumers’ side, they will want to be sure that they are making the right choice. Whatever worries they may have, they can be taken away through a live chat session that answers all their questions.

Instantaneous Support

While browsing through your website there are numerous questions that could pop into your visitor’s mind. Especially during the buying process, the most crucial moment of your relationship with the customer, doubts or problems can arise, leading customers to interrupt permanently abort the purchase.

Live chat is the only channel that allows you to provide instantaneous support in real-time, right from the online shop. Because of this, live chat is the only support channel through which you can actively minimise shopping cart abandonment and raise conversion rates.

2. Typical Questions/Chats in Electronics Retailers

Through the electronic shops from our customer base we are aware of a number of typical questions:

Technical Specificities of the Product

As expected, the most common questions asked through the chat windows of online electronics retailers are concerned with product details. Either the information is not present on the website or it is hard to find. Oftentimes the information is present, but in tech jargon instead of normal human language. A knowledgeable salesperson using the chat to present the products’ benefits and connect them to the needs of the visitors can be a great help.

Asking for Recommendations

The second most common interaction with website visitors is the request for further recommendations regarding your products. Less experienced customers are usually unsure about what to buy and take agents opinion as a valuable source of information for the decision process. It is very important that you provide this advise service, otherwise your visitors might continue to your competitors.


Every product bought online, like products bought in-store, comes with a warranty that gives the customer the right to return the product if it doesn’t match the characteristics advertised or the expected quality. Customers are usually concerned about the expiration and extent of the warranties for products bought online. Don’t be surprised to find some of these questions in your chat service.

Shipping Conditions

Alongside warranties, questions about shipping conditions are also among the most common. It's common to be asked for your shipping supplier, how long it will take until the customers address and the additional fees or charges applied.

Special promotions and discounts

It’s not only on Cyber Monday that customers care about promotions and special discounts. Actually, bargainers who dig the internet to find the best deals will be closely monitoring your website to find new deals. If you advertise a new discount or special promotion, it’s normal that people come and ask you about it. The most common questions related to special offers are the promotion validity, the conditions applied and to which products it refers to.

Combining Products

Finally, when people buy electronics they are likely to be concerned with the possible interactions and connections to other products they already own. However, combining products brings another opportunity to sales agents operating through the live chat, as it allows them to upsell products according to the preferences of the customer as well as cross-sell complementarity products to enhance the experience.

If you have an electronics online store and would like to try out Userlike live chat, we welcome you to read more about the features we offer, and/or register for the 14 days free trial