Integrate Your Live Chat With Your Dropbox

Userlike’s integration with Dropbox is complete, which makes converting, transferring and processing your client’s enquiries much easier. You are just one step away from taking the most out of this new development.

Dropbox is a free web-based system that allows you to store and share files online. On this famous cloud platform you can store all your personal or corporate data, files, media and archives with utmost security and accessibility. More than 275 million people from all parts of the world make use of Dropbox’ services.

Our integration with Dropbox allows our users to easily synchronize chat and offline messages as files inside Dropbox. Keep track of all your customer interactions with our easy integration features and start boosting your business operations today. Doing all this is as easy as typing $dropbox in your current chat or pressing the button “Create Dropbox File” in your dashboard.

For more information on how to set up your Dropbox - live chat integration you can take a look at our tutorial .