Integrate Pipedrive CRM With Live Chat

The integration that will give wings to your sales team is now live: Userlike and Pipedrive can now be integrated, which allows users to convert chats and offline messages directly into Pipedrive as deals.

Pipedrive is an elegant Sales CRM software that organises your contacts, customers and deals through a main overview panel which gives you full control of your sales process.

Pipedrive’s strongest point is the overview and control it offers over your sales process. Through neat visuals you get the ability to manage your full sales pipeline, set and achieve goals easier, analyse sales funnel in detail and understand status and developments of active sales. Usability at its best to provide us an excellent product that merges the best of management and sales tools.

This integration was developed to fight the problem of having to manually transfer contacts and client deals from your live conversations to Pipedrive. Today you are able to quickly send chat transcripts and offline messages directly to your Pipedrive account. Chats can be sent either from the dashboard or directly from a running chat.

If the customer’s name and contact corresponds to an existing customer, Pipedrive will associate their latest chat as a note to an on-going deal. On the other hand, if a certain chat through Userlike is our first approach to a new client a new contact will be generated in Pipedrive and ready to further develop your deal.

As advocates of simplicity we’ve made this integration as easy as possible to work with. All you need to do is click on the button “Create Pipedrive deal” on our dashboard for offline messages and chat transcripts, or simply by typing $pipedrive inside your chat panel to create a new deal with the current customer you are talking to. If you need some help on setting up your Pipedrive account in Userlike to take most of the Addon, just visit our self-explaining tutorial