How to Add Live Chat to Your Website For Free

Adding live chat to your website is easy as pie. Follow our step-by-step guide and start chatting with your website visitors in just a few minutes.

Live chat is a modern digital contact channel that allows you to connect with your website visitors online, assist them exactly when they need help and increase your conversion rate.

But how do you add chat to your website?

You will receive an individual widget code from your live chat provider, which you add to the HTML source code of your website to connect it to live chat. With Userlike, you can even add a chat to your website in under 10 minutes.

  1. Create an account
  2. Add live chat in 4 steps
  3. Advantages of Userlike: User ratings from independent platforms

Create an account

You can use Userlike’s free plan forever. It gives you unlimited chats and all the features you need for live chat support at a small business.

For medium and large businesses, you can choose from several premium packages that offer advanced features like intelligent routing, chatbots, and integrations with messaging apps like WhatsApp. You can try a paid package for free for 14 days; if you're not completely convinced, you don't need to do anything. Your account will automatically convert to the free version.

If you don't have a Userlike account yet, you can sign up for free here. You don't need to give any payment info, so you can try the chat risk-free.

Add live chat in 4 steps

  1. Login. Log in to the Userlike Dashboard and click "Channels" > "Website Widgets."
  2. Select widget. Select your widget and go to the "Install" tab. Here you will find your custom javascript code.
  3. Paste widget code. Copy the widget code and paste it into the source code of your website, just before the final "body" tag.
  4. Upload changes. Save the changes and upload it to your web server.

That's it! The live chat is now embedded on your website. You can chat with your website visitors by logging into the Userlike Message Center.

Userlike: Instant chats, long-term customer relationships

Over 10,000 companies like Toyota and Hermes trust Userlike to connect with their customers every day - via website chat, WhatsApp, chatbots and more.

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Do you use a content management system? Userlike is also quick and easy to integrate into it. Getting set up is the same; here are detailed tutorials on how to embed live chat on the most popular platforms:

Advantages of Userlike: User ratings from independent platforms

Userlike is the leading live chat software in Germany, trusted by companies like Mercedes-Benz, Hermes and Decathlon for their digital customer communication. In total, over 10,000 companies rely on our professional chat tool.

Independent comparison site Tooltester named us as one of the best live chat software options - after testing 20 of the top providers. We are also the frontrunner among customer service tools on OMR.

screenshot of Nivea's website
Nivea added Userlike to its service pages to ensure quick resolution times.

We also asked our customers what they particularly like about Userlike. These were the four most common answers:

  1. "GDPR-compliant." When it comes to data protection, no company can afford to cut corners. No wonder that most of our customers appreciate that we offer a GDPR-compliant solution. With our German server infrastructure, encrypted messages and German-speaking support, we are a responsible partner to have at your side.
  2. Since the Privacy Shield was overturned, our data protection officer is quite strict about our tool selection. Therefore, we are always super happy to be able to source such top tools like Userlike directly from Germany.

    Fabian, project manager, original review on OMR
  3. "Intuitive and friendly UI design." It's important to us that you can use our live chat software just as intuitively as familiar messaging apps. That's why we're not only concerned with developing useful features, but also incorporating them into a logical and, yes, beautiful application interface.
  4. Operating Userlike is simple and intuitive, so much that even employees from an older generation have quickly become familiar with the program.

    Jana, marketing manager, original review on OMR
  5. "Fair value for money." With Userlike, you get a lot of design freedom for comparatively little money. We’re able to do this because we have specialized in live chat and customer messaging for over 10 years, which allows us to work in a scalable way. Even the free version includes unlimited conversations and contacts. In the premium packages, chats are automatically routed to an appropriate employee and handled by a friendly chatbot outside business hours — that way you never miss important contacts at any time of the day.
  6. We are still in the testing phase, which then changes to the free plan without a setup fee, so there are no hidden costs. And this little thing, this fairness, has personally convinced me!

    Emanuela, production manager, original review on OMR
  7. "One tool for all messaging communication." For as little as 90 Euros a month, you get individual employee accounts and can receive your messages via a messaging channel such as WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS and Telegram to a central inbox - the Userlike Message Center. Let your customers choose whether they want to contact your company via website chat or a messaging app. That way, you keep the contact hurdle for potential leads as low as possible.
  8. Web to lead conversion rate increased by 23.7% over six months. Normally, taking care of support requests in a trial is too expensive. Thanks to chat, it became more cost effective.

    Frank, head of marketing, original review on OMR
screenshot of Userlike live chat on Toyota's website
Toyota lets its customers choose whether to start the chat directly via the website messenger or WhatsApp. The car manufacturer manages both channels via the Userlike Message Center.

Ready to try Userlike? Add our live chat widget on your website for free. If you have any questions, our service team will be happy to help you via live chat or WhatsApp.