How Live Chat Helps Linkbird

Several months ago Linkbird , Germany’s leading cloud solution for professional SEO link management, started offering live chat support on their website.

Linkbird was started by Nicolai Kuban and Bastian Bickelhaupt. Through their longstanding experience in the Germany’s Ecommerce and Internet industries they gained a deep understanding of SEO techniques and the business processes that support them.

Although they are not the first supplier of SEO tracking software, they’ve attained a leading position in Germany by combining backlink tracking with employee performance tracking . This made them the first choice for customers like Expedia , Magix , BoostInternet and more. When different individuals are putting effort into link building, it is crucial to be able to keep track to determine what actions are bringing results.

With a complex product like SEO management software, clear communication about how your offer differentiates from the competition is crucial, which is one of the reasons why they’ve implemented Userlike Live Chat . In the words of Nicolai:

“We use live chat for three reasons. One is to offer support for the use of our product. Our software is too extended and complex to display all possibilities on the landing page, and live chat is the perfect tool to deliver complementary information. Secondly, we use it to convince potential customers about our product, to stress what specific benefits they get when they choose us. And thirdly, we believe it adds trustworthiness to our site.”

Nicolai continues: “For obvious reasons you don’t want to mention your competition on your landing page, but there are of course going to be potential customers who are aware of them. One of the most common questions we get is about how we relate to our competition. These are visitors who are basically begging for a sales pitch! Live chat gives us the tool to communicate our features and benefits and connect them to their specific needs: instead of a monologue we are now in a dialogue.”

The point of trust building comes particularly into play during Linkbird’s efforts of entering the British market. Since three months LinkBird has a UK domain , and Nicolai stresses the role live chat plays on their new site:

“Moving into a new market is not as easy as it sounds. Through the personal contact over the live chat we notice that we generate trust and get a better understanding of the needs and dynamics in this new market.”

With their powerful and unique product and their customer-oriented mindset we are sure they will be successful in their expansion overseas!