Heading towards the Climax

It has already been almost a week after we’ve left the Beta phase, and what a week it was! Thanks to Seedmatch we’ve received a great deal of publicity and feedback on our offerings, making us feel confident about tomorrow’s crowdfunding run .

Today Timoor and Pascal will drive to Berlin to represent Userlike and to give a pitch at the Exceed 2012 event in Berlin, a large e-commerce summit hosting many of Germany’s main e-commerce players. David and Peter will stay behind the chat, so don’t hesitate to hop by for any questions!

Valuable feedback we also received from some of our first paying customers! Initially we intended to only take credit card payments via Recurly, because it allows for periodical payments. However, early feedback made us realize that the topic of alternative payments is an important one. This is why we’ve chosen to add the payment option of Paypal, as well as the option to make a bank transfer for German customers. For these new methods of payment we do require a minimum subscription period of six months.

This is a thrilling week, and tomorrow we’ll reach its climax! Maybe we’ll see each other in Berlin, otherwise we hope to hear from everybody on the chat soon! Be sure to check out the investment opportunity at Seedmatch and to spread the word for us!

Yours truly,

The Userlike Team