Goodbye to a Fruitful Beta Run

Today we implement the payment system, marking the end of our Beta run and a big milestone in the development of Userlike. The purpose of today’s blog entry is to explain all the aspects involved in the payment process, but first we’ll inform you on some of the last minute updates.

First of all, we’ve altered our pricing model somewhat, including a cheaper Basic version for those smaller websites that don’t need all the advanced team functions that we offer for the higher versions. Check out the pricing page for our new product offering.

Now concerning the transfer to the paid subscription model, none of the Beta invites will have to worry that we suddenly start taking money. All accounts will be downgraded to the free version four days after the implementation of the payment module, except for the users who have integrated Userlike into their website; they can enjoy Team Version free of charge for another four weeks. All accounts are free to choose any of the paid versions from our product plan.

In the post-Beta phase, users will register for the Userlike Free product immediately on our website. From the dashboard it will then be possible to upgrade to one of the three versions, for which you will have to enter your billing info. You will then get a 14-day trial period in which you can still choose to cancel your upgrade. After this 2-week trial you will be charged monthly, semi-annually or annually, depending on the option you selected. If you choose to cancel your subscription, this will come into effect after the end of that current period.

Payment for the Userlike products is conducted via secured credit card transactions handled by Recurly and Wirecard. You enter your billing info in your dashboard account, which is always fully secured.

We would like to thank everyone for the contributions that have enabled us to develop our software. However, like we said before, our development is never over, and we hope you keep sharing tips and ideas with us. We’ve had a fruitful Beta run, and we are looking forward to the future!

Yours truly,

The Userlike Team