Meet the First New Features of 2015

We hope you've had some nice holidays! Before the New Year we managed to add some improvements to the Chat Panel as well as 2 new integrations. Here they are:

Type Ahead Auto Completions

You will have noticed this if you've already used the Chat Panel in the new year. Where before you had to use a key combination or the menu bar to use a Chat Macro or Command, now the system automatically recognises what you type in the input field and suggests macros or commands for you. As soon you start typing a ! for a macro or $ for a command, the system autofills the input based on the first letters you type. This feature should make your chat service a lot more efficient.

Adaptive Input Field

Furthermore, to increase the visible space inside your chat input field we've made it adaptive. Per default its height is one line, but it grows as you use up more than one line of text in your typing.

Chat Notes

Sometimes you want to add a note to a chat you're having, either a reminder for your future self or to make something clear to your colleagues. Now this is possible with the Note function. To add a note, simply type it into the normal text input field and click the cloud icon next to the smiley to save it as a note. Or use the $note commend. It won't be visible to your user, but it is for you and your colleagues in the chat transcript.

Screenshot Preview

When making a screenshot it used to be loaded under your customer info on the side of the Chat Panel. We thought it'd be handier if you could see it without scrolling down, so now a preview of the screenshot is loaded as a system message inside the message flow.

HubSpot Integration

HubSpot is an all-in-one inbound marketing and sales solution that allows businesses to adapt to the new way consumers buy things. It combines Social Media, SEO, Email Marketing, Analytics, and Marketing Automation. With our integration you can send chat transcripts and offline messages to HubSpot as new deals, helping you capitalise on your inbound marketing efforts.

BaseCRM Integration

Base is a CRM system that distinguishes itself through its all-in-one approach, its realtime visual reporting, and its extensive mobile options. With our integration you can send chat transcripts and offline messages to Base, which turns them into a new contact person and case.

That's all folks! Have a great start of 2015.