Expanded Choice

Today we present a feature for which many of you have been waiting quite a long time: Full Customization of the Button Color. Where before it was possible to choose out of one of the two Userlike colors (blue and green), now you can choose from a continuous color spectrum, enabling you to optimize your button-website fit to perfection. You can customize the button color of your existing or new chat widget at the widget section in your dashboard. At the ‘Chat Button Settings’, choose CSS instead of PNG, and then click on the colored square on the right of the CSS color value tab to make a choice from the color spectrum.

The number of languages that you can choose for your widget has also been growing steadily for the last two weeks, with Czech, French, Icelandic, Hungarian, Spanish, Rumanian, and Turkish, and more following soon.

This week marks the end of our Beta run, and we will soon be rolling out the payment module. We’ll come back to you very soon with another blog entry to explain what this exactly means for the use of your Userlike account.

Yours truly,

The Userlike Team