Userlike and Dozeo, the Customer Service Alliance

Live chat is the perfect tool to make the first contact with your web visitors, to assist with small questions, and to give that extra essential information that will seal the deal.

However, you might have experienced certain chat situations when you wished you could take the conversation to the next level. Sometimes it is clear that you are chatting with a valuable or interesting person, and you would like to talk to or even see your visitor in real-time.

To fulfill your needs in these moments of desired intimacy, Userlike teamed up with dozeo, the cool online meetings company. dozeo is a Germany based startup that’s been spending the last 1,5 years developing a complete online video meeting solution. By clicking on a link, your service employee(s) and visitor can meet one another face to face in a video conferencing room. Use video and audio to get to know each other and share documents and videos!

Of course not all interactions are worthy of a labor-intensive video meeting. That’s why the Userlike – dozeo integration is so powerful! Use Userlike to answer short questions and to qualify your visitors. Once you’ve qualified your visitor you can use the dozeo integration to send an invitation for a video meeting over the chat!

Experience the synergy firsthand by taking dozeo’s free trial. If you feel you want to integrate it with Userlike then contact us.

The Userlike Team