Digital Sales Traineeship at Userlike – Kickstart Your Career in Tech

We are looking for young, talented people with a background in business studies to join our Digital Sales Traineeship program.

Founded in 2011, Userlike is one of Cologne’s top tech startups. Over the years, we've organically grown into the leading customer messaging solution within DACH.

To continue and accelerate our growth journey, we are building up an outbound sales team – and we want you to be a part of it.

Your role and mission, if you choose to accept it

You would become part of our existing sales team, existing out of account management, inbound and outbound sales. Sales is the lifeblood of any business, and at Userlike you would be engaged in one of the most interesting forms of sales: B2B SaaS.

Userlikes Sales Team writing Christmas cards
Some of our sales team writing Christmas wishes to our customers.

What is unique about B2B sales is that you're not selling to private individuals, but to groups of professionals. Which means that our sales approach needs to align with our customers' shared decision-making processes. There are no impulse buys in SaaS; We are helping people solve clear problems and gain clear benefits.

What's more, because SaaS is subscription-based, it only makes sense to sell if the business actually adopts our software solution and continues to see a benefit over time.

Your role as digital sales trainee would focus on outbound sales and business development. This means spotting, creating, and developing sales opportunities – for example through (a combination of) social selling, emails, and phone outreach.

This is a challenging role, but one that provides you with invaluable skills that will serve you for the rest of your career and life. You will gain a deep understanding of the businesses that we serve – their pain-points, use cases, decision-making processes, etc. Your challenge is then to connect those to the benefits and features of our product offering.

Userlike: Our company, your team

Our people are the engine behind our success. We've invested a lot into building up a culture that brings out the best in people, building up a team of caring performers.

We hire for potential. Userlike was started in Köln by one senior developer and two freshly graduated business students. We've had to teach ourselves everything. This has stayed a part of our DNA ever since.

First Userlike Office Apartment
Our first "office apartment," back in 2011.

We believe in personal growth. We believe people have a limitless potential for growth, and we're looking for new colleagues who share that view. We support growth through an educational budget, educational holidays, a knowledge-sharing culture, and, most importantly, by trusting in people and confining trust in them.

Userlike Book club
One of our "Userlike Book Clubs," during which a team member shares relevant insights from a book, course or area – Followed by a discussion on how we can apply them in Userlike.

Great team. I started and have been working at Userlike since leaving university, so I honestly don’t have a lot of comparison material. But I do believe we have one of the best teams one could imagine. And the feedback we're getting over the years reinforce this view. We are caring performers, putting equal weight on character and talent. We don't hire assholes 🙂 .

Our developer Philipp on a unicorn
Philipp, backend developer, on a unicorn. Meet some of our colleagues on Instagram.

Fair, open, transparent, and free of office politics. We avoid the bullshit: We are all working towards the same goals. We bring doubts and problems into the open. We are honest and straightforward to one another.

Check out our employee reviews on Kununu.

Hybrid setup, with a cool and accessible office in the heart of Cologne. Many people choose to work a few days from home, but we also like to work and hang around together. In daily communication, we speak in a mix of English and German. We have 8+ different nationalities in our team.

Two Userlike playing with a Kicker
Kicker! Because not all stereotypes are bad.

Trust & autonomy. We offer as much guidance as you need, but otherwise we aim to get out of your way and let you excel.

Our paths

In the next five years, our aim is to reinforce and expand our leadership position in DACH from website chat to multi-channel messaging (WhatsApp & co.) and AI. And to make the jump to being a leader in Europe.

We've grown mostly on the basis of inbound marketing. To make the above-mentioned jump, we need to add and combine that with a strong outbound sales team. You will have an important role to play.

We believe in alignment, growing our company while simultaneously growing the people in it.

If you're looking for a challenging position that develops your skills, knowledge and character, while entering the tech scene and working in an international group of kind, talented and motivated people – then this position is for you.

And some hard facts

Salary and compensation. This will be a mix of a fair fixed salary and variable pay based on your sales performance. At Userlike, we make use of a salary formula to make things as fair and unbiased as possible. If there is a good mutual fit, we will make you an offer and explain the formula.

Holidays. You get 28 fixed holidays, plus an additional five "educational" holidays to study and learn about areas that you and your manager agree make sense for you to grow in. What's more, we offer a "workations" – the ability to work from abroad for some time.

Team events. Our strength is determined by the ties within our team. We organize frequent team and company-wide events, such as departmental lunches/dinners, summer barbecue, Christmas party, etc.

Userlikes Marketing Team

Are you convinced? Then apply here. We're looking forward to hearing from you!