Dashboard Improvements

We have been working on the dashboard and would like to highlight a few improvements.

General Tweaks

We worked on the overall render process of the page to improve page load speed and consistency. We re-organized all menus and modules to be more consistent and accessible for first time user.

Waiting Indicator

While having multiple chat tabs open in the chat panel we give you a visual feedback which tab has the longest waiting list. So you will always see to which tab you should switch to give your users a swift reply.

Online Feedback

Once you enter the chat panel we show wether other operators or webvisitor are online and ready to chat. Having none online resulted in a empty looking chat panel and made first time user feel a little lost. So we added visual feedback for that state.

User History

Further improved is the chat panel main view to give you quick access to the users chat history. With one blink you will see if the user is a returning chatter with a chat history that might hold interesting information that will help during the current session.

Minor changes

  • Support for groups in push macros
  • Speed up chat session creation
  • Limit chat panel notification size on large monitors
  • Hide modules that are not accessible for the loggedin user
  • Give visual feedback if no statistics data is available
  • Tweak the slack integration messages
  • Fix display of large macro list in the chat panel
  • Make disclaimer text edit easier with a larger text field
  • Optimize message length checks in the widget to avoid cropped messages in the chat widget