Customization Fest

Yesterday there were some minor troubles with the update, as some of you might have experienced with a temporary unavailability of your accounts. We are sorry for that. Luckily the problem could be located swiftly, and it turned out to be only a small disturbance in what otherwise was a seamless upgrade!

Today’s blog entry covers the other changes that were put into effect with this update. Next to the Dashboard Client and CRM integrations that were discussed yesterday, the number of customization possibilities was extended, and we now offer a simple REST API so you can access your data.

Customer Colors

Starting with the number of customization options, this was extended with a Custom Color-Scheme Picker and a de-Branding option for the chat widget, and an option to hide the chat button when no operator is online. These options were added in the widget customization section in your dashboard .

  • Custom colorschemes
  • Hide Userlike logo
  • Hide PoweredBy
  • Hide Chat button if operatos are offline

Widget Creator

Widget Debrand

The REST API that we offer in the dashboard is for those companies with special integration wishes. The techies under us can use it to integrate Userlike with other software (e.g. CRM software like Netsuite) for which we haven’t prepared integrations yet.


Yours truly,

The Userlike Team