24 GIFs for any Customer Service Scenario

Making people happy and solving their issues can be a pretty rewarding affair. At the same time, customer service is also the art of biting one’s tongue.

When the mundanities and obstacles of life at the front line stir you up – we feel ya. As a reminder that you’re not alone in this and that it’s all actually quite funny, here’s our prime selection of customer service GIFs.

When you’ve delivered perfect service and the customer gives you a ⅘ star rating

A monkey pushing a laptop off the table.

When you notice you and a customer have been talking past each other for half an hour

A woman facepalming heavily.

When your team has collectively solved a customer’s issue

Three humans and a bear performing a hand-stack.

When you don’t know the answer

Old, friendly peasant saying quote I’ll tell you, then quote I don’t know.

When no one in your team knows the answer either

Star Trek crew looking at each other cluelessly.

When you have to tell the customer no

Jonah Hill gesturing to stop it.

When a customer leaves a glowing service review

Robert Redford nodding into the camera.

When a customer needs help checking out their order

Wrestler jumping into the ring to help out his teammate.

When a customer asks for help with a refund

Sloth stamping a form in slow motion in the movie Zootopia.

When a customer wants you to bend security protocol for them

Michael Bluth emphatically rejecting a request.

When a customer demands your manager who’ll tell them exactly what you told them

Michael Jackson joyfully eating popcorn.

When a customer asks you how you manage to stay so cheery

Man describing his daily struggle of going to work.

When a customer asks for a feature/product that has no chance of being added

Young woman grinning awkwardly, dubbed with quote maybe.

When a customer makes a spot-on feature request

Man turning from stunned to smiling to giving a genuine thumbs up.

When you don’t understand a customer’s frustration

Beavis as call center agent dubbed quote I understand your frustration.

When a rude customer points out that “the customer is king”

Camera zooming in on a frozen-faced Justin Timberlake.

When a customer returns every half hour to ask for status updates

Ron Swanson ignoring the customer from behind his circular desk.

When your servers are down, your IT’s breaking a sweat and angry customers storm your support channels

Female call center agent dubbed quote everything is gonna be just fine, probably.

When that one unsatisfiable customer returns

Staff hiding in creative ways as a customer enters the office.

When you’re waiting for a customer to rate your service

Joaquin Phoenix as Roman Emperor giving a thumbs up.

When a customer makes a bad joke

A man laughing exaggeratedly.

When you make a good joke

A man laughing exaggeratedly.

When you’re forced to use a customer service script

Tommy Wiseau buying flowers.

When you hire a chatbot to do a person’s job

Robot spilling ketchup.