Crowdfunding with Seedmatch

Last year we founded Devcores, the company behind Userlike. We are a bootstrapped startup and until today we developed Userlike without any external investment. As you might know, Userlike just left the Beta phase and is now available for everyone .

With our ambition we have brought Userlike to where it is today. It has proven to be a viable product and has been successfully developed in the means of the lean startup methodology, which has forced us to focus solely on those aspects and features that actually add value for the customer. However, looking at the path of expansion ahead of us, we think the time is right to equip Userlike with an outside investment.


That’s why we will be raising a seed funding via Seedmatch from 12:00 in the afternoon coming Thursday, the 22nd of March. Seedmatch is Germany’s first and hot crowdfunding platform, having finished multiple successful funding rounds for promising startups like Lingoking, Easycard, and Smarchive. Seedmatch brings together micro-investors and startups when they are still in their seed phase. These private investors can participate with amounts as small as 250 Euro and become a dormant partner in the startup business.

We not only participate purely for the financial side of Seedmatch’ crowdfunding system, but also look forward to the opportunity of making valuable contacts through the supportive crowd, which could help Userlike in the long run. We will use the investment to finish the development of our Live Chat softwares for iOS apps and mobile websites, and to realize the rapid growth that we have planned ahead of us.

So maybe you already are a happy Userlike customer or beta tester, or know someone who would love the opportunity to invest in a quality product and a solid startup: Spread the word for Userlike and our crowdfunding on

Yours truly,

The Userlike Team