Creating a Chat Bot for Customer Support

Companies like Slack, Microsoft, and Facebook have spurred a huge hype around the concept of “chat bots”.

The extent to which the AI chat bots will deliver on their promises remains to be seen – whether those are promises of personal assistants, customer service agents, or dominators of the human race.

At Userlike, it’s customer support that we’re mainly interested in. And we’re pretty sure that no AI-system will match the power of human-to-human contact in this area, any time soon. We still see a purpose for service bots, however.

They could take over some of the standard or repetitive parts of the service interaction process , freeing up time for their mortal counterparts to focus on the areas demanding a human touch.

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So we decided to make a start with chat bots. Meet R2D2! R2D2 is a simple chat bot you can connect to your Userlike account.

With the standard script we provide, R2D2 functions as a conversational alternative to the register form, and does the “heavy lifting” of collecting your customer’s contact information.

(PS: you can name your chat bot how you like – C-3PO, T-800, Mechagodzilla, whatever)

After introducing itself, R2D2 asks for your customer’s name and email address. Once he – sorry… it has these, it will ask your customers whether they’d like to talk to a service rep. If the customers answer “yes”, R2D2 forwards them to a chat operator; if they answer “no”, R2D2 closes the chat.

I know – pretty basic, right? But this is only a prototype, meant as an inspiration to write your own chat bots. With our API you can adjust the script and logic yourself. Check out how to set up your service chat bot here .