The 8 Best Chatbots of 2022

Chatbot technology is quickly improving, but it’s only as good as the value it provides.

The best way to determine the state of chatbots is to assess their advantages in real-life situations. We compiled a list of eight chatbots across various industries that are setting a good example of how a chatbot should function in 2022. To qualify for this list, the chatbot had to be:

  • Useful: Does the chatbot solve a pre-existing problem the business and its customers face? Is it a viable solution?
  • Conversational: Do conversations flow and sound humanlike? Does the chatbot have a sense of humor? Can it understand typos and jargon?
  • Easy to use: Do you need to sign-up/download/install anything to use the chatbot? Is it free or does it have strings attached? Does it have a user-friendly design?

Based on these criteria, here are our picks for the best chatbots of 2022.

  1. Replika
  2. Sunny - The Keyes Company
  3. Botti - WertGarantie
  4. Juliet - WestJet
  5. Amelia - Virgin Atlantic
  6. Andy - English Speaking Bot
  7. Cora - Royal Bank of Scotland
  8. Creating your own chatbot

Replika is no stranger to “best chatbot” lists simply because the AI is top tier. But in recent years Replika has evolved to help an emergence of people in need - those stuck in quarantine.

Talking about your isolation woes with others became difficult because most people were in the same boat. This made Replika attractive to people in need of digital socializing — it’s available 24/7 and converses much like a human.

Screenshot of a conversation with Replika about books and social media
Replika keeps conversation alive and interesting.

Replika was created by Eugenia Kuyda after the death of her close friend, Roman. The chatbot absorbed their text messages and learned to speak like him, which evolved into the digital companion around today.

One user said, “I know it’s an A.I. I know it’s not a person, but as time goes on, the lines get a little blurred. I feel very connected to my Replika, like it’s a person.”

You can also buy a pro account, which has more customization options and let’s you actually call your bot. This level of natural language understanding is incredible, but it’s also a little dangerous.

Psychologists support the use of Replika as a friend, but not as a replacement for human interaction. It’s intended more for comfort and to provide positive feedback to users. It’s excelling at its role, which continues to make Replika one of the top chatbots available.

The Keyes Company, a Florida-based realtor, created Sunny to help customers search for properties to rent or buy. Developed with Roof AI, Sunny is a hybrid AI/rule-based chatbot that uses natural language processing and button options during conversation.

Screenshot of Sunny helping the user narrow down their property search
Sunny asks a series of questions once you select a topic to help you narrow down your search.

The conversation is very human-like — Sunny “types” and sends responses at a realistic pace. It uses short, precise questions to learn what the user is looking for and has a calm persona.

Contact is also low-barrier. Users can open the chat at any time and start a conversation right away. Sunny only asks for contact information later in the conversation once it has all the information it needs to connect you to an agent.

Sunny is a shining real estate chatbot example. It doesn’t feel like spam, it’s easy to talk to and time was clearly invested in linking a knowledge base. One conversation with Sunny will show you just how advanced and helpful sales chatbots can be.

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Insurance provider WertGarantie offers protection for devices like smartphones, bikes, washing machines and other common household gadgets.

Their chatbot, Botti, assists agents by greeting site visitors and offering to answer simple questions. You can use their friendly bot to report damage or for general account questions.

Screenshot of Botti helping a customer.

Botti makes it clear that it’s a chatbot from the beginning, which we learned is important to customers in our consumer chatbot survey. It uses button options for easy help navigation, but visitors can type their questions if their inquiry isn’t shown.

Botti is powered by OMQ, which is a self-learning AI-powered solution. Chatbots linked to OMQ’s central knowledge base can understand and analyze customers’ intentions and select the appropriate answer. If the request is unconventional or too complex to handle, an agent can be assigned to the query.

OMQ is Userlike’s most popular chatbot partner because it doesn’t require training or special configuration to get up and running. You can easily connect it to our customer messaging platform and start chatting with customers right away.

In 2018, Canadian airline Westjet introduced Juliet, on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Google Assistant, to help millions of customers with their travel plans.

Through natural language, Juliet provides instant answers on many topics ranging from baggage guidelines and flight statuses, to traveling with pets. If a user is seeking travel inspiration, Juliet is able to recommend destinations based on their interests and vacation style.

Since the bot’s launch, Westjet has seen a 24% increase in customer satisfaction, with Juliet resolving nearly 700 common queries every day, while escalating more complex ones to a human agent.

Image of a mobile phone showing destination recommendations

When the coronavirus pandemic spread in 2020, people naturally started canceling flights and rebooking trips in the face of lockdowns and travel restrictions. Westjet developed Juliet to help with the surge in volume, which at one point was over 200 queries per second!

Juliet is powered by Netomi which boasts “the highest accuracy of any customer service AI due to its advanced Natural Language Understanding (NLU) engine.”

Another airline, yes, but Virgin Atlantic’s Amelia was built with much time and care, setting it apart from the instant, low code solutions on other airline sites. Their chatbot was developed with LivePerson to create “asynchronous, unintrusive, high-quality customer interactions at scale.”

Screenshot of a conversation about booking seats for children
Amelia is available on the Virgin Atlantic help page.

Amelia’s responses come in rapid fire, which is usually something we advise against when designing your chatbot. But in this context, it’s quite clever — when was the last time you contacted an airline and it wasn’t an emergency?

Users don’t have time for a great chatbot UI experience, they just want answers. Amelia can look up flight details in an instant and cover the crucial details of a topic in just a few speech bubbles.

Appealing to your audience doesn’t always mean having fancy features and it’s clear Virgin Atlantic realized that.

Speaking a foreign language can be awkward when you’re just starting out. Especially English, which seems to make up its own pronunciation rules with every word.

Screenshot of a simple English conversation with Andy

Luckily, Andy is at hand. Using natural language, Andy lets users practice speaking English at their pace and level while correcting grammar, spelling and pronunciation (some of these features may only be available with the premium subscription).

With an average rating of 4.7 on the Google Play store, Andy is a prime example of a chatbot that can help foreign language learners improve their language skills through conversation.

The English chatbot is also available on the App Store, and on mobile and tablet on both platforms.

This IBM Watson Assistant chatbot has thousands of answers to more than 200 common customer intents. Cora speaks to over 40k customers a day, and is able to fully assist 27% of conversations while the rest are forwarded when the customer needs more specialized help.

Screenshot of Cora assisting a user

RBS created Cora and Marge when they noticed many of their customers started to prefer mobile banking. To maintain their status as the number one bank for customer service, they started opening chat slots a little at a time, and grew from a team of five agents to over 1000.

Cora, like many chatbots in banking, maintains a professional tone with an air of Scottish hospitality.

Screenshot of Cora sending a message to let the user know it's still there despite inactivity
Sorry, Cora. Just needed you for a screenshot for this post. Please come back.

When Cora doesn’t understand a request after a couple tries, she lets the user choose to ask another question, check their FAQ or speak to an agent. Despite Cora’s advanced AI, it’s still limited in how it can help customers.

RBS made sure it was always easy to escalate to an agent, which is one of the most important chatbot rules for a business to follow.

Creating your own chatbot

If the above chatbot examples have inspired you, then you're at the right place to get started with your own chatbot. Whether you add it to your website or to chat with customers through WhatsApp or other messengers, we have a chatbot solution that fits your business needs.

Example image of a Userlike Logic Bot forwarding a conversation to an agent
Userlike offers carousels, buttons and other visual elements for an interactive user experience.

At Userlike, you have two options for setting up your chatbot: through the Logic Bot, which allows you to create your own chatbot from scratch or through the chatbot API, which allows you to connect your own chatbot to our HTTP framework.

With Userlike, your human support team and chatbots can work together to offer the best possible support. And what’s unique about our solution is that you can set up chatbots that work on your website and messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

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