Live Chat Integration with Base CRM

We’d like to introduce the new integration between Userlike and Base , which allows you to send live chat documentation to your CRM system. Base CRM presents itself as the Intelligent Sales Productivity Platform, and now it's possible to intelligently follow up on your leads generated through live chat.

Base points towards a fundamental problem with other CRM systems, namely that the effort one has to put in to use it is generally higher than the value that comes out. This is what BaseCRM has set out to change, by making it easy to connect teams, track sales, and manage customer relationships. Base makes these fields clear and easy to manage by riding the waves of breakthrough technology trends, such as big data analytics, cloud computing and the mobile revolution.

At Userlike we appreciate this focus on combining ease of use and modern technology, and we’re happy that the 2 power tools can now be easily combined. With the Userlike - Base integration you can send Chat Transcripts and Offline Messages to follow up on that hot lead with the smartest CRM on the market. Send chats directly from a running conversation in your Chat Panel, or send either Chat Transcripts or Offline Messages from the Messages section in your dashboard.

The setup can be completed in a matter of minutes. Firstly, you need an account at Userlike and at Base . To connect the two, enter the Base API key in the right Addon Section of the Userlike dashboard. For a more detailed setup guide on how to combine your live chat and CRM system, visit the Tutorial .