Approaching end of beta with new features

We would like to discuss three more features that were added this week and which constitute the finishing touch on our Beta run: Full SSL security of our chat widget, chat transcripts, and chat statistics.

The fact that the chat widgets are now fully secured with SSL allows them to be integrated in websites with an https status. This feature is available from the Team, Corporate, and Custom products.

The Chat Transcript feature makes it possible for you to go through all your conducted chats. This comes in handy when you forgot to note down that one customer name or email address. You can access these chat transcripts in your dashboard.

Furthermore, you can now observe the statistics of your chats in your dashboard as well, which is extremely useful to judge any changes you made in your widget settings or your website outlay/design.

Tomorrow we’ll come back to you with our final Beta blog entry, concerning all the big changes that lie ahead of us.

Yours truly,

The Userlike Team