Alternative to ClickDesk: Userlike Live Chat for Business

Userlike is the European live chat alternative to ClickDesk. Unlike ClickDesk, Userlike focuses solely on live chat and offers a system that can easily be connected to other business solutions (CRM, Helpdesk, Videosupport, etc.).

Companies all over the world have chosen Userlike live chat software for their online customer service.

  • Intuitive Design - We aim to make Userlike easy and fun to use for both the operator and the web visitor
  • Privacy & Security - Hosted in Germany, we take pride in taking the upmost care in all matters related to the Security of our Software and the privacy of our customers' data
  • Business Software Integrations - Userlike has an array of standard integrations, with popular solutions such as Zendesk,, Pipedrive, and more
  • Scalability - Userlike is extremely flexible and can be easily extended to grow together with your business.

Read on to learn more about Userlike and why it is a great alternative to ClickDesk:

1. Professional Looks

Userlike is the number one live chat software choice for customers looking for a professional design live chat app to match their online business website. Our software has been carefully designed and optimised to assure a perfect fit the website it's integrated in. The common elements of Userlike widget, the live chat button and window, are lean and minimalistic. However, all the elements are totally customisable to better fit your own looks.

Userlike live chat has a non-distracting and pleasant view. The position of the button can be defined by the website owner, together with the wording, colours and behavior of the widget. Through our Widget Editor , it is possible to change all the elements of your widget, in no time, with no coding knowledge required.

However, if you want to takes things further with customising your live chat widget, you have our CSS editor at your disposal for further editing. These options and customisations are fully open to any of the Userlike plans so feel free to explore and adapt Userlike to your personal needs.

2. Chat Behaviour Customisation

This alternative to ClickDesk live chat has more customisation chances than merely its views. From the Userlike Widget Editor , you are also able to change the way live chat behaves in your website in many different ways. From the way the chat is initially triggered, Userlike allows you to choose from a Registration Chat, where you can ask your customers for more information regarding their personal data, a Proactive Chat, which is the one automatically displayed to customers inviting them to chat with you, or you can define your own behavior rules through the Remote API.

Moreover, you can edit many other behavioural elements to decide how your operators and customers interact. From the inactivity responses or reactions (forward the chat to another available operator when the first doesn’t respond within an acceptable timeframe to the customer), to the way you send them to external links, how chat tracking is done and even group selection options.

We also recommend you to take a look at the unique potential of Userlike's Open API, Javascript API and the previously mentioned Remote API, which can be used to define your own chat rules. Userlike gives you full freedom to edit your live chat interactions.

3.Intuitive Dashboard and Chat Panel

More than being merely good looking, Userlike's dashboard and chat panel are easy to navigate. This point is important, as it saves time and effort from your operators' side, and thus saves money.

From the Dashboard, users can check and edit various dimensions. Owners and Admin accounts can check and edit widgets in a click, check chat interaction statistics and operators performance as well as look through our tutorials.Our key Dashboard and explanatory messages are available everywhere to make sure you know where to go next and what to do once you get there.

From the Chat Panel, live chat operators can view and edit user information, check their location, request screenshots, send current chats to the CRM, sales or messaging software , set chat topics, statuses and much more.

4. Smart Chat Routing Logic

The way chats are delegated across the available operators is hugely important for the efficiency of your support operation. We have considered the key elements which build up the so called efficient service, from response time, to quality of response and others part of what makes customer satisfaction.

They are processed in a way to assure that, no matter who is online or how many operators you have, the next incoming customer will always be guided to the one in the best condition for providing support:

  • After a new visitor clicks the live chat button, he will be immediately connected to an available operator, the one with fewer chats.
  • The past experience of the user is taken into account. In this case, if the operator which served him last time is available, the user will be linked to this same operator.
  • Our round robin system is developed to guarantee that incoming chats are evenly distributed among operators.

5. Data Privacy Restrictions

Nowadays web users are extremely sensitive to the way companies collect and manage their personal information. Not only is this a common thought of your clients, but is also strictly legislated a multitude of countries, especially within the European Union.

Userlike is a German based company, the country where data privacy standards are perhaps the highest in the world. In order to comply with our own local laws, we have developed the possibility for any Userlike user to enable data privacy settings that allow you to do business with european countries, legally. Our data privacy considerations include the possibility to avoid the automatic collection of personal data and geolocation.

If you are based in Europe or doing business there, this is an element worth considering when looking to choose your next live chat software provider. Take a look at our privacy statement to understand more about our privacy considerations.

Why does your business deserves Live Chat

We believe that above anything we might tell you, results are the best way to show you the potential of live chat for your own online business. To give you those results, nothing better than offering you 14 days of free use of Userlike live chat , no strings attached.

Here is a list of some of the most relevant benefits live chat can bring to your business, no matter which industry or sector it belongs to:

  • Userlike increases customer satisfaction: Everyone knows customers appreciate the opportunity to talk to someone, to be listened and responded to straight away. It is no secret that real time support enhances customer satisfaction regarding the service you are providing.
  • Userlike drives sales: It is true that live chat software can have a meaningful impact in the decrease of abandoned carts, improves conversion rate and even gives you an opportunity to increase upsales and complementary products recommendations.
  • Userlike is the most economic support channel: Unlike phone or e-mail, through live chat, service operators can provide instant and real-time support while multitasking other things. Also, it is possible to provide quality support to different chats at once, something you can’t do with any other channel.