A Great Conclusion to a Great Week

Yesterday night the 200% investment limit was reached on Seedmatch ! We’d like to give thanks to all of you who invested in us and would like to welcome each one as a partner in our project!


Since we look at our investors as partners, we will make our actions as open and transparent as possible for them. General notions will be communicated through our standard channels, but we will provide you with updates on strategic decisions and long term plans through a letter specifically designed for this purpose, and for short-term communication we will use the investor channel. We are also looking forward to benefit from the experience and knowledge from our investors, so we hope you’ll be willing to occasionally share these with us over this investor channel.

Last week has been an enormous energy boost for us, with Seedmatch, Exceed, and our first paying customers! We’re now working hard on the kickoff of the next phase: market expansion!

Yours truly,

The Userlike Team