8 E-Commerce Podcasts Worth Bookmarking

Podcasts are marvellous for learning and keeping up with the latest industry news when we’re carrying out other, more mundane tasks. You can listen to them whilst catching up with the housework, when you’re cooking dinner, whilst commuting, or even when you’re at the gym working out - it’s work without the work element.

When short of time, podcasts can be a real outcome to squeeze in some learning and personal development into your day. We’ve put together a list of our team's favorite E-Commerce-related podcasts.

Add the following sites to your Podcast bookmark folder:

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I. Duct Tape Marketing

The Duct Tape Marketing podcast is - like its blog - a popular resource among marketers and eCommerce business owners alike. The company was founded by John Jantsch and the podcast has featured interviews with high profile influencers such as Guy Kawasaki. The podcast features subjects across the marketing sphere touching on social media, startups, employees and leadership.

The majority of the podcasts are related to owning and running a small business with online and offline tips to help you to succeed – a must listen for every aspiring entrepreneur.

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II. eCommerce Fuel

This podcast relates to all E-Commerce topics, such as building an online store, running a business that employs young people, monthly industry news updates and much more. This highly useful podcast gives actionable advice, information and commentary for those within the industry.

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III. Build My Online Store

The Build My Online Store podcast is run by two bootstrapped eCommerce store owners (Terry and Travis) and was started to facilitate high-level discussions, monthly calls and Q&As through the E-Commerce Mafia (currently open to applicants). Before you get started, check out the audio book on the main podcast link above which you can download to listen to the archive of more than 100 previously recorded podcasts.

With the E-Commerce Mafia you can join in on calls via Google Hangouts, so called "mastermind calls". These work through problems commonly faced by store owners to solve through collaboration. I love this podcast, it’s highly informative and because you can really get involved they foster a great sense of community.

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IV. My Wife Quit Her Job

An intriguing name for a podcast. It’s the core part of the story that led Steve Chou to begin an online store selling linen, which then led to the My Wife Quit Her Job podcast. With a newborn baby, his wife decided she didn’t want to continue working whilst the child was small. Chou had to find a way to replace her income ($100,000 a year, not to be sniffed at) within a year. BumbleBee Linen, and later the podcast, are the fruits of this search.

The podcast is an interview-based show hosting Q&A sessions with successful business entrepreneurs. All people that are featured on the show bootstrapped their businesses with the conviction that it would change their lives, just like Chou. The site in general contains plenty of useful advice for budding eCommerce entrepreneurs and is a must-resource for all store owners. You can sign up for a free mini course ‘Create a Profitable Online Store!’ on the site to get you started.

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V. Ecommerce in Plain English

The Ecommerce in Plain English podcast provides tips on growing an online business, with special guests sharing personal experiences of running an E-Commerce business. The site contains a wealth of information with more than 300 archive articles alone.

The podcast itself also covers a lot of subjects and is especially interesting for those selling over Amazon or eBay. This site also features an useful community forum for online business owners to help one another with their struggles.

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VI. MarketingExperiments Web Clinic

According to its website, MarketExperiments has the “largest library of online marketing research and case studies in the world.” A grandiose claim but one that’s backed up by a lot of content that focuses on research-based tactics for lead generation and sales. Topics include search engine optimization and marketing, email marketing, A/B testing and much more.

The majority of content is presented in 35-minute webinars which also make up the podcast content. It’s perfect for marketing managers who work for businesses of all sizes and contains a lot of actionable information and industry research.

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VII. Tropical MBA

The brainchild of Dan Andrews and Ian Shoen, the Tropical MBA podcast now has more than 250 episodes of great advice to sink your marketing and eCommerce teeth into. The focus of the podcast is on running a location-independent business online. This means a business that you can run from anywhere in the world at any given time – sounds good huh?

The podcast has been downloaded millions of times in more than 100 countries worldwide. There’s a new episode out each Thursday at 8am EST. To get you started the guys have put together a bundle of 10 episodes about building a ‘lifestyle’ business (note that the download is a zip file). If we’re honest, most of us would love a business that doesn’t depend on the area in which we live and that we can run from the comfort of a lovely sunny location somewhere. This podcast is the perfect companion to help you to achieve that, it’s one not to be missed.

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VIII. The Fizzle Show

The Fizzle Show podcast produces material that will help you to build a business online. Created by Chase Reeves, Corbett Barr and Caleb Wojcik, Fizzle is a community which also offers courses relating to getting your online business off the ground in the first instance. The podcast part, the Fizzle Show, concentrates on subjects such as picking a niche, taking a bricks and mortar business online and every other subject that relates to online commerce.

There’s a new episode out every Friday and if you want to get involved and have a wealth of support at your fingertips, then I would recommend signing up to the membership part of the site for courses that can help growing your business. The claimed mission is “to help the online entrepreneur grow their business, revenue and fulfilment until they’re crackling with creativity, impact, potential and purpose.”

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The hosts have worked with more than 1500 business owners to gain clarity and find the right direction for their business. You can give it a try for a mere $1 in the first month, with no obligation to stay, and $35 per month thereafter. Hardly a fortune and with the experience that these guys have it could be the best business decision you ever make.

Something for Everyone

That’s our list! Now 8 podcasts might be too much to follow. Since most of these sites cover similar topics, what I'd suggest you to do is listen to 1 or 2 episodes of each of the sources in this list and make your own top 3. Just go for the style and voices you like most.