10 Chrome Extensions to Send eMails like a Pro

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E-mail is still the most common contact and support channel among internet users. According to a survey by ExactTarget , 77% of US respondents indicated e-mail to be their primary channel for communication with team members and customers.

However, the use of email is characterised by a number of problems. You don't know, for example, whether the other side has seen your message. Also maintaining the overview of your email interactions can be difficult.

Luckily, there are solutions out there to increase your productivity and support your e-mail management tasks. To relieve you from what was once an endless monotonous task, we bring you a list of some of the finest extensions that you can connect to your Chrome workplace.

1. ContactMonkey for Gmail

Extension Users Rating: 4,77

ContactMonkey is the highest rated e-mail tracking software. This extension lets you know when, where and on which device your e-mail was opened or forwarded. With ContactMonkey you can also access many other useful functions, such as link tracking (letting you know how many times your e-mail was opened) with real-time notifications. For Salesforce users ContactMonkey has an extra benefit, namely the possibility to synchronise all of your contacts and templates directly into your e-mail account.

2. PixelBlock

Extension Users Rating: 4,5

If on one hand you are able to track who opens your e-mails, on the other there is an extension that allows you block e-mail tracking attempts on your account. Whenever this extension detects an e-mail tracking pixel it shuts it displaying a “red-eye” near the senders address.

3. Rapportive

Extension Users Rating: 4,19

This extension links your gmail inbox to LinkedIn, displaying in real-time all your contacts’ information as well as their business profile. To access all this information you only need to type an e-mail address into a new message or open any e-mail from your inbox.

4. Boomerang for Gmail

Extension Users Rating: 4,15

Boomerang lets you schedule e-mail messages to be sent or returned at a later date. One of the most helpful features of this extension is the possibility to schedule an automatic reminder after a given period. For example: If the receiver doesn’t respond to your last e-mail after a certain number of days (or until a specific date), you can schedule an automatic e-mail reminder to yourself of the pending issue. The scheduling function allows you to send a certain email at a later time. This is useful when, for example, you attempt to land your email into the other person's inbox at the optimal time for opening-rates, adjusted for time differences. With Boomerang for Gmail you are able to assure your messages are sent at the appropriate moment, even when you are not online.

5. E-mail Game

Extension Users Rating: 4

If you are one of those who spend large chunks of their day desperately going through a full inbox, The Email game might be exactly the extension you are looking for. With a fun timer and some game elements, this extension helps you to stay focused and move quicker through your inbox messages while making faster decisions.

6. WiseStamp

Extension Users Rating: 4

WiseStamp e-mail extension was developed to help you design professional and lean signatures to embed into your e-mails. Some of WiseStamp’s most popular features include the possibility to include in your signature different dynamic elements, such as social network buttons, quotes, news or even a RSS feed subscription button.

7. Gmail Off-line

Extension Users Rating: 4

Gmail Off-line is an extension developed by Google to support offline access to your e-mail inbox anywhere, at anytime. Whenever you connect your device to a network, Gmail Off-line will synchronize all new messages. This gives you the chance to browse and read through any item on your inbox, folders, or sent messages, even when you’re not connected to the internet.

8. Easy Disposable E-Mail Address

Extension Users Rating: 5

Sometimes we all need to temporarily use a disposable e-mail address to access certain content or log into a website without disclosing our ID. This extension grants you access to a disposable address and inbox within seconds and at a distance of a click.

9. Sortd

Extension Users Rating: 5

Sortd is a smart skin for Gmail. By providing an intuitive design experience, this extension lets you sort all your e-mail interactions and increase your working speed and effectiveness. In a single Gmail workspace Sortd allows you to you categorize and prioritize e-mails and tasks with a clear separation between important stuff and noise.


a screenshot of the Klenty chrome extension

Chrome web store rating: 4.6/5 stars

This chrome extension is perfect for outbound and inbound sales reps using a Gmail account to engage with leads. You will be able to save a lot of time and improve your productivity.

  • Know what happens after you click send. With Klenty’s extension, you can keep a track of email engagement like opens, clicks, and replies.
  • Create personalized emails instantly using our template library from within Gmail
  • Avoid the hassle of remembering to follow-up. Let Klenty do that for you. Write your emails and schedule to send them later.
  • Set-up reminder notes and tasks for yourself and Klenty will remind you by sending you an email.
  • You can easily add prospects to klenty cadence from Gmail and send perfectly-timed automated follow-ups.
  • Track the daily performance of your emails instantly using the live feed.

If you have any other cool tools in mind, make sure to reach out to us!