2015's Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals for Business Tools

These are the deals for 2015. Check out our post for the best deals of 2016 .

This week the yearly discount madness will strike again with Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Most retailers will use these days to offer deals to their customers, but only a few realise that it's also an opportunity to benefit from mega discounts themselves. Not for presents to put under the christmas tree, but for tech tools to run their business.

So join the party and check out this year’s collection of best Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals for businesses.

Note that some of these deals are already active, while others become active in the following days or on Black Friday/Cyber Monday itself. So bookmark this page and come back if they interest you.

Also let us know if we missed one, we’ll add it to the list.

Userlike, 50% Discount for 12 Months

  • Active: Now
  • Runs until: 10th of December
  • How to get: Use the coupon code cyb3rm0nd4y2015 on the upgrade page after signing up

Userlike is software to chat with the people on your website.

With a friendly Chat Window on your website you can offer support at the moments that it really matters. Email is too slow; phone is too much of an effort; both force your web visitors to switch away from your website. Live chat is the communication channel for eCommerce.

With our deal you can upgrade from free to premium Team with 50% discount on the first 12 months.

Sniply, 50% Discount for 6 Months

  • Active: Now
  • Runs until: 1st of January, 2016
  • How to get: Claim it at this page by entering the coupon userlike just on the right side of the pricing plans

Sniply is a smart marketing tool that allows you to add your own overlay and link to any piece of content you share. This means that you can share a relevant article of – lets say – the Washington Post, and when someone reads your share, your personal link will be included in the article.

Their Cyber Monday deal gives you 50% off their premium products for 6 months.

crazyegg, 90 Days for Free

  • Active: Now
  • Runs until: 1st of December
  • How to get: Sign up at this page

crazyegg is a powerful and highly usable analytics platform that gives insight into the behavior of the visitors on your website – specifically into why people are leaving. Unlike tools such as Google Analytics, it does so in a very visual way, making it easy to understand and follow up.

For Cyber Monday they offer new users 90 days for free.

Positionly, 30% Discount First Year & 20% Discount for Life

  • Active: 27th of November (Black Friday)
  • Runs until: 30th of November (Cyber Monday)
  • How to get: Sign up at website between 27 and 30 November

Positionly is a cool SEO tool that we make use of ourselves. It allows you to keep a close eye on your website’s search engine rankings and backlinks. What makes it extra cool is that you can easily compare these metrics with those of your competitors, and you receive suggestions on the areas you can improve on.

If you sign up on their website between the 27th and 30th of November, you will receive 20% off forever and an extra 30% off for the 1st year with us

LemonStand, 50% Discount for 6 Months

  • Active: 30th of November (Cyber Monday)
  • Runs until: 15th of December
  • How to get: Use coupon cybermon2015

LemonStand is an eCommerce platform that helps fast growing brands and the web agencies they work with create beautiful eCommerce websites that stand out from the crowd.

LemonStand combines the simplicity and low overhead of the cloud with the power and flexibility to customize the entire user experience, something that is usually only doable with open source or enterprise platforms.

With their Cyber Monday coupon you will get 50% discount on your first 6 months.

CentralStationCRM, 3 Months for Free

The easy-to-use CRM solution from Germany. Store and organize all customer relations in one place. Have a clear overview of how your last contact went and how to move forward. Work alone or as a team and keep track of all important tasks.

When you sign up before the 30th of November, you will receive the first 3 months of premium for free.

Mention, 3 Months Free Growth Plan

  • Active: Now
  • Runs until: 1st of December
  • How to get: Follow this link and sign up

Mention is a darn handy tool to keep track of who is talking about you – or your competitor. Easily set up keywords and get real-time notifications in your inbox when someone is talking. These notifications include the links to the conversations so you can jump right in.

Mention has a pretty lenient free plan, but in time you’ll run into the limit. With their Cyber Monday deal you get their growth plan 3 months for free.

Segment, 3 Months Free Startup Plan

  • Active: 27th of November (Black Friday)
  • Runs until: 31st of December
  • How to get: The deal is for free and new users. Sign up at this page and send an email to friends@segment.com asking for the Userlike Cyber Monday Deal

Segment is a tool with which you can easily connect all your other business tools. Because all of their integrations ‘talk’ with each other, connecting them can provide you with unique insights.

With their Cyber Monday deal, new and free users can get 3 months of free access to the Startup Plan .

Cyfe, 12 Months 50% Discount on Premium

  • Active: Now
  • Runs until: 2nd of December
  • How to get: Use coupon code TA5015 after signing up

Cyfe , the easy dashboard app to monitor all your business data from one place. You can connect all your data points to Cyfe, whether it’s sales, service, social media, content marketing, etc. Cyfe allows you to make informed business decision like a pro.

With their Cyber Monday deal you get 50% discount on their premium plan.

Kanban Tool, 33% Discount for First 3 Months after Free Trial

Kanban Tool is a visual project management tool, combining efficiency and effectiveness with built-in time tracking. Over 25,000 businesses of all sizes move their projects forwards using Kanban Tool.

With their Cyber Monday deal you get 33% off for the first 3 months after the free trial.

Convert, 25% Discount All Plans for One Year

  • Active: Now
  • Runs until: 15th of December
  • How to get: Sign up on the website and use the coupon UserLike

Convert is the most affordable enterprise A/B testing solution that offers unlimited number of users and projects. Automate your connection of revenue goals, e-commerce price and category targeting.

With their Cyber Monday deal you get a 25% discount on all plans for one year. This can be in 12 monthly payments or 1 single payment for the whole year.

WiseStamp, 50% Discount on Pro Plan

  • Active: Now
  • Runs until: 1st of December
  • How to get: Sign up on this page

Get a professional email signature that lets you promote yourself with every email that you send. Includes cool apps like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter profile links, RSS feed from your blog, sale icons, and more.

Marketizator, 80% Discount for 6 Months

  • Active: 30th of November (Cyber Monday)
  • Runs until: 1st of December
  • How to get: Get the offer at this page .

Marketizator is a 3-in-1 conversion optimization tool: Surveys, A/B testing, Personalization, and Segmentation.

For Cyber Monday, they’ll offer a six-month plan at 80% off (normally worth $522, will be $79).

Thinkific, 50% discount for 6 months

  • Active: Now
  • Runs until: Midnight 30th of November (Cyber Monday)
  • How to get: Get the offer at this page .

Thinkific is an all-in-one course platform that makes it easy for independent experts and companies to quickly create, market and sell courses on their own branded sites.

Sign up at get.thinkific.com/blackfriday to get 50% off for your first 6 months on the Thinkific business plan.

That’s our preliminary list for 2015. Likely it will grow over the coming days like it did last year, when we started out with 4 deals and ended up with 13. So be sure to come back for an update!