10 Tools to Master OmniChannel Support

OmniChannel is one of the trending topics in the world of eCommerce. Being able to deliver a seamless customer service across a multitude of channels seems an imperative for retail success. But wait, reality check: how many channels are there? We have phone, email, website, social media, mobile… how could small to medium sized businesses with limited human resources possibly offer a great service on all of them?

With smart integrated tools you’ll see that it’s possible to manage a powerful multichannel service even with just 1 employee. Let’s take a tour past some of the smartest tools out there!

Social Media

Social Media Service Tools allow you automate and improve your responsiveness to customer claims through some of the most famous social platforms. They also have a large impact on your customer engagement and exposure on these channels!

Salesforce Social Hub

The perfect tool to increase customer engagement and faster feedback. Salesforce Social Hub was designed to provide companies scale, measures, data and constant monitoring over every social media platform.


This is a great solution offering social media analytics with automated suggestions to help you improve your online presence, recommended by great companies from jetBlue to Ben&Jerry’s.

Website Support

Userlike Live Chat

If people really want to find you they’ll search for your website looking for a way to contact you. Similarly if they are already on your website and they wish more information about a product, payment methods or warranties they will also look for a way to contact you! live chat software allows you to answer customer queries immediately from your most valuable channel: your website.


Although other channels are rapidly catching up, the good old phone is here to stay. Many people want to hear a friendly voice or force an actual human being to listen to their despairs for him to solve their issues.


A call centre software designed for SME’s looking for enterprise quality level software without expensive fees or contracts. This data-driven tool will allow you to monitor your customer interactions and is fully synchronised with most of your other CRM tools, including Userlike.


inContact is a virtual contact centre solution that will help your company reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction with personalised high-standards interactions tailor-made for your business.


This is a global multi-channel customer experience and contact centre solution. If you’re looking for a managerial tool to take over and understand your contact centre operations this is might well be the perfect solution in town.


People’s mobile use is increasing and the expected accessibility to information on their smartphones is also in a fast-pace. Be close to people and make sure your apps or smartphone frameworks deliver good customer service and allow your customers to get in touch with you.


Helpshift is designed to deliver scalable customer support for your mobile apps. With a variety of top-notch features, this fully-adapted mobile help desk assures you have an efficient and reliable method for providing exceptional customer service.


Smoope is an app for B2C communication in the mobile era. Their system for instantaneous messaging lets your customers get in touch with you easily. This is "Service To Go".


E-mail contact is still one of the most common ways customers contact companies. However, having your inbox totally cramped with customer complaints mixed with buy 2 get 1 spammy e-mails is not helping you get those queries answered. Best to set up a dedicated help desk.


Freshdesk allows organizations to support their customers through emails, phone calls, websites, forums and social media channels. With powerful features, an easy to use interface and a freemium pricing model, Freshdesk is widely used by companies ranging from startups to enterprises.


Helpscout is an affordable platform to manage your customer support interactions, namely your e-mail. It's a web-based help desk that enables teams to deliver personalized customer service at scale.

As you see there are several solutions that will allow you to take over your multi-channel representation, no matter your budget restrictions. One crucial aspect for your OmniChannel setup is ensuring that all your channels and tools are able to “speak to each other”, to have integrated solutions between which data can be shared. Most of the solutions above are integratable with one another.